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Circuit Breaker Upgrade, Repair & Replacement

Circuit Breaker Upgrade, Repair & Replacement

What is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is an automatic electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit in the event of overload, overcurrent or short circuit.

Why are circuit breakers important?

They protect electrical circuit by cutting off the current flow after protective relays detect a circuit fault or trip. This is done to prevent potential fire, damage or other losses.

What should you do if a breaker is damaged?

If you detect damage to your breaker panel, it is important you contact a professional for a circuit breaker repair or a replacement. If you ignore the issue, it may lead to serious further damage. Do not attempt to fix it yourself as it could be extremely dangerous.

What are the benefits of upgrading the breaker panel?

Upgrades can increase reliability and decrease maintenance breaks. They can also improve interrupting, momentary and continuous current rating.

The upgrades provide vital mechanical and electrical life extension advantages. Upgrades can also contribute to increased safety, energy efficiency and monitoring capabilities.

What circuit breaker services does Kerfoot offer?

Kerfoot provides commercial and industrial circuit breaker repair and replacement services, as well as upgrades. We can design power requirements for circuit breakers. We also supply and install them.

What breaker replacement services does Kerfoot provide?

Kerfoot provides brand new breakers either as direct replacement breakers for the existing installed part on the site or as superseding replacement breakers; these are replacement breakers that are designed as the physical and electrical replacement for a discontinued part.

We also provide used and / or discontinued replacement circuit breakers if the manufacturer has discontinued a circuit breaker without presenting a replacement for it. In this case, replacing it with a used circuit breaker is the most cost-efficient way to maintain your installed equipment.

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