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Emergency Monitoring Systems

Emergency Monitoring Systems

Looking for emergency monitoring systems?

If you are looking to monitor your self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lighting systems, we can provide emergency monitoring systems for your business. Kerfoot has the expertise to offer comprehensive emergency monitoring services, from design and installation to management.

Emergency Lighting Standard Requirements

In the interest of public safety, emergency lighting systems are governed by the law. In Australia, a set of standards covers the application and maintenance of emergency lighting in commercial buildings. These standards are AS/NZS 2293 Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Under these standards, emergency and exit lighting must be inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the procedures outlined. All emergency and exit lights must undergo a 90-minute discharge test of the battery every 6 months as stated under the AS2293.2 Standard. Failure to comply could not just result in a penalty, but also jeopardise the safety of the building occupants.

Complying with the standards the manual way can be laborious and costly, particularly in larger premises. You could end up spending hours manually inspecting, testing and monitoring each unit. However, an emergency monitoring solution could overcome this challenge and make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Why Are Emergency Monitoring Systems Important?

With emergency monitoring systems, you will no longer need to do manual tests and visual inspections. You can now automate function and duration tests in accordance with the AS2293 Standard. The systems also track the performance of every fitting.

The monitoring system will not disrupt the power supply or interfere with the operation of your emergency lighting system when it is monitoring. Emergency lighting will remain operational throughout the test.

At Kerfoot, we offer real time emergency monitoring software that provides business owners and facility managers control over emergency lighting monitoring and maintenance. Not only is automated monitoring more efficient and cost-effective, it also provides a more comprehensive insight and is not susceptible to human error.

Emergency Monitoring Systems Features

What you will get with emergency monitoring systems:

  • Fully automated report software systems
  • Automated reports and auto-emails reports
  • Setting of emergency test groups
  • Functional testing of emergency lighting conducted at 30 day intervals
  • Functional testing of emergency lighting conducted annually
  • Emergency lighting equipment, including exit signs, is fully operational for the duration of the test required
  • Compliant with Emergency and Evacuation Lighting Standards. Complies with AS2293 Standard

At Kerfoot we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your business. Our emergency light installation and maintenance team are briefed in the latest Australian safety standards, and work to ensure your employees and visitors to the building can safely navigate through the space during an emergency. Testing your emergency lights is simple with our automated monitoring systems – maintaining safety has never been easier. Make sure your emergency and exit light systems are unrivalled with the Kerfoot installation and maintenance team.

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