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Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy Monitoring Systems
In need of energy monitoring systems?

If you are looking to get your utilities under control, we can provide energy monitoring systems for your business. At Kerfoot, we offer comprehensive energy monitoring services including design and installation.

Why Energy Monitoring Systems Are Important

Energy monitoring systems allow you to monitor your energy consumption easily. This lets you produce an effective solution that eliminates your issues. They also allow access to system administration, and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Energy monitoring software is an onsite web based product. It gives you the ability to view your energy data, allowing you to:

  • Monitor your energy
  • Generate Energy Consumption Reports
  • Use as a bill verification

Having an energy monitoring system will bring you these benefits:

  • Identify Possible Savings

It is important to monitor your energy consumption in order to resolve efficiency issues and increase cost-effectiveness. With energy monitoring systems, you can create energy breakdowns including electricity and solar, and use the information to rectify the identified issues.

  • Detect Faults

The system equips you with the tools to identify and respond to breakdowns more effectively and efficiently, and to decrease the chances of system outages. Inefficient or damaged electrical equipment uses more energy as time goes on. With an energy monitoring system, you can detect problems and resolve them before they worsen.

  • Reduce Usage

We can provide customised energy saving solutions for commercial, industrial or retail sectors. From simple solutions to complex customisations, we will provide expert recommendations on how to reduce usage to save energy and money.

  • Simple Web Based Interface

Our Energy Meters tool allows you to monitor your energy usage online, in real time. The simple interface allows you to easily access and monitor your energy information.


Energy Meters

What We Offer

Kerfoot can design and install a small metering solution that is accessible on your network. We will provide you with the basic tools, graphs and reports needed to track your energy consumption.

We provide services for small sub-metering projects that are ideal for:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail

Contact us on 1300 850 869 or fill in the Contact Us Form to enquire about our Energy Monitoring Systems today.

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