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Energy Services

Kerfoot Pty Ltd’s core aim is to provide an encompassing end to end solution for all of our clients’ needs across all disciplines of the Electrical industry. As part of our suite of electrical services we have a specialist Energy Team who provide full turn key solutions across a suite of product offerings such as Clean Energy Generation systems (Solar), Clean Energy Storage and Vehicle charging technologies to name a few.

Kerfoot Pty Ltd has specialist in house CEC accredited designers and installers who can deliver a Solar solution to suit the needs of any business and government organisation. Our solar power solutions are developed to ensure that quality products are utilised to provide certainty of system performance and generation as well as ensuring financial returns are achieved.


The Kerfoot Pty Ltd Energy part of the business delivers solar and battery storage solutions that are in full compliance with all Australian Standards and the Clean energy Councils guidelines.

We have experienced CEC (Clean energy Council) accredited designers and installers and the Kerfoot business is also a registered member and has Solar Retailer classification.

The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct is a way for solar businesses to show their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and solar industry best practice. It is a voluntary scheme for retail businesses selling solarPV systems to households and businesses.

Kerfoot Pty Ltd prides itself in providing the best possible solutions and service to our customers. Having CEC (Clean energy Council) accreditation provides our customers with confidence that all solutions provided by Kerfoot will be the best industry can offer.

The Kerfoot Pty Ltd Business has always prided itself in delivering an exceptional quality of service and end result to our customers. This is also made possible by utilising the best products available for each application. When a client is looking to purchase an energy solution they are making not only a conscious decision to reduce their energy costs but are also aware that they will be investing a significant amount of capital that they are expecting to last for many years. As a business we have made a conscious decision to utilise products that meet these expectations by way of quality as well as parts and labour warranties.

A large amount of research and investigation time goes into the selection of each product that is to be utilised on our projects. We question every product against the following criteria.

  • How long has the supplier been in the industry
  • What financial backing does the suppliers company have
  • Is the suppliers company going to be around in 25 years time
  • Are the products going to last 25 years
  • Do the products have parts and labour warranties
  • Do the products perform better than the industry standard
  • Can the supplier provide the products when required
  • Are the products fully compliant with any specifications and Australian standards


We ask these questions to ensure that our reputation in the industry as being the best and providing the best isn’t tarnished by a suppliers product or service that may not be fit for purpose or that may not last the test of time.

We have partnered with and utilise the best and most reputable brands in the Energy space such as Schneider, IPD, BYD, LG, Astronergy, Sunman, Victron, SMA, Fronius, Clenergy, Schletter and ComAp to name a few.

When engaging Kerfoot to carry out your turn key solution you can be rest assured that your project will be backed by the most reputable suppliers in the market.



The Kerfoot Energy Team offer our Clients & partners a complete Energy solution when it comes to their projects. As technology advancements increase, projects are becoming more complex and the requirements to have a contractor that is able to provide a complete solution is paramount. This ensures that there are no scope gaps and that the delivery of the project and the commissioning is a seamless process.


Kerfoot has a dedicated Energy Electrical specialist Estimating team with years of site installation experience. This ensures that our Clients can be certain that the scope has been allowed for and that the best solution for the project has been offered. This enables our Clients to have peace of mind that the projects they build with us will function as intended.


The Kerfoot team can be the one stop shop as it were for all Cleints. We have qualified & Accredited Electrical Engineers and CAD experienced designers who are able to carry out the detailed electrical designs for the most complex of projects.

We have inhouse accredited PV designers who can design any size system to suit our client’s requirements.


We have a dedicated Mechanical Electrical switchboard building team with vast experience at building all types of Mechanical switchboards. This expertise has been used to offer custom boards for our energy team. Our board builders are able to custom make the switchboards to suit the client’s PV system needs as well as to suit the sites specific space requirements. The custom boards our teams build include grid protection boards, Inverter stations Boards, Complete PV systems switch board solutions.


Kerfoot’s Energy team has specialist project management as well as site supervision capabilities to ensure that the Energy projects are delivered seamlessly and competently to a very high standard. Our Staff have years of site experience delivering the most complex projects to ensure the clients expectations are exceeded on all projects.


Kerfoot has a specialist Energy Delivery team with experience on all types of Energy projects. Our team consists of Project managers, site supervisors, experienced tradesmen and apprentices who are eagerly learning the specialist trade.


When you engage Kerfoot Pty Ltd to deliver your solar project you automatically get 47 years of electrical experience and the strength and support behind a long lasting and reputable leading company.

As Kerfoot Pty Ltd is the best in the industry in every aspect that we do ensures that the system you receive is done from the design stage through to the projects completion to the utmost highest standards.

The benefits in brief:

  • Your project is designed by a fully accredited CEC (Clean Energy Council) designer.
  • The drawings are produced by an experienced CAD draftsperson
  • All Council approvals are carried out by experienced personnel on your behalf
  • Structural engineering assessments are carried out by Certified Engineers who are members of Engineers Australia and have all the necessary insurance requirements.
  • The installation is carried out by an experienced accredited CEC (Clean Energy Council)
  • The project is commissioned by an experienced accredited CEC (Clean Energy Council)
  • The ongoing maintenance is carried out by an experience maintenance team.
  • The system is continuously monitored to ensure that its operating to is full potential with all alerts being reviewed and acted upon by our experienced maintenance team

It makes good economic and business sense to engage Kerfoot Pty Ltd for all of your energy system installation needs.

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