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Energy Storage Systems

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The biggest technology change in the un-interrupted supply of clean power is the advancement of clean energy storage technologies. Globally all the large organisations in the world and governments are focusing on smart ways to harness energy and store it in new and innovative ways.

Here at Kerfoot Pty Ltd we have a dedicated Energy team with the experience and skills required to provide you with the best advice and solution to suit your Energy storage requirements from the following storage technologies namely; Pumped Hydro, battery storage, compressed air to name a few.

We carry out a detailed assessment of our client’s energy storage needs as well as determine their need for un interrupted power. Based on this information we are able to carry out a detailed design to provide the best possible solution.

The benefits of Energy storage are as follows:

  • You can maximise the use of the generation of Energy produced from your sites solar system.
  • Stay in control when the power goes out. Your business can still operate in the event of a power outage.
  • Your power costs can be known and fixed, providing your business energy security.

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