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The Kerfoot Integrations team designs and delivers an extensive range of commercial lighting control and energy management solutions, providing a wide range of services including design and installation.

Our Integrations team adds value to your new or existing installation and works with you to provide the most effective solution for your needs.

Personalised Solutions

We offer a broad range of solutions that are tailor made to meet the individual needs of your business. In partnership with industry-leading providers, Kerfoot can design, integrate and manage the most sophisticated, custom designed integration technology in your building.

We define and integrate custom solutions for all your automation needs from concept to installation. We have in-house programming capability that provides us with control over time and customisation.

We combine modern technology with the latest concepts to bring you an effective solution that will minimise your operational costs and enhance your production efficiency. You can rest assured we will supply the latest technology and the most cost-effective solutions. Regardless of your project size or budget, our team can integrate custom designed solutions to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Offerings

All organisations need a partner that provides them access to the best solutions available, which come with support and services. Kerfoot strives to bring you a comprehensive package of design, installation, services and support; allowing all of your needs to meet in one place.

Our support ensures that your system is used effectively and efficiently. We will work closely with you to ensure your solution is utilised to its full potential.

Support Services

We are able to bring you several support services that will help you maximise the potential and effectiveness of your project:

  • Consultation – we provide consultations to ensure you have access to solutions that fit you best, as well as best practices that will help you use your solutions effectively.
  • Demonstration – we offer demonstration sessions to help you understand the solution better and to ensure you are getting the most suitable solution for your needs.
  • Customisation & Design – our team of experts can custom design a solution to meet the specific electrical requirements of your business operation.
  • Installation – we install the system in your operating environment to ensure seamless and streamlined operation.
  • Management – we offer comprehensive management of your solutions, from integration right through to maintenance and support, giving you a hassle-free experience in managing your chosen solutions.
  • Reliable Support – we are there to support you should you need help with your system. We also provide documentation support.


We strive to bring you a broad range of effective solutions, which are integrated and supported by well-equipped Kerfoot technicians.

Seamless integrations for a streamlined operation.

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