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Lighting Control Systems

Professional Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems generally refer to an intelligent network-based solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs. A true intelligent lighting control system will enable integration between lighting and other systems.

An intelligent luminaire system should be transparent and simple to operate. It will be capable of integrating with other building systems and allow for the system to be managed from a central location.

A centralised lighting control system has all lighting circuits in a space run to a central location. Devices such as touchscreens, motion detectors and switches can be used to control centralised lighting.

Wireless lighting systems consist of controllable dimmers and remote-control light switches. This system is able to integrate mobile devices and some programming capabilities of a centralised system while communicating wirelessly to the processor.

A hybrid lighting control system is a blend of centralised and wireless systems. Both wireless and wired devices are integrated into a system, allowing the two to communicate effortlessly.

Intelligent Lighting System

Also known as an automated lighting system, is lighting with automated or mechanical capabilities beyond those of traditional, stationary lighting. Kerfoot delivers intelligence to a range of premises including industrial, commercial and retail. This type of system allows maximum lighting, management and energy efficiency, as well as increased security.

These systems integrate full lighting controls using programming. The system uses absence / presence-detecting technology and daylight harvesting that allows on-demand, adaptive lighting. This ensures accurate lighting control and reduces energy consumption.

The systems that Kerfoot supports are:

  • Programmable 240V Sensors
  • C-Bus
  • KNX
  • Dynalite
  • DALI

Some of the benefits of employing intelligent lighting systems are:

  • Increase in lighting efficiency
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Simplicity of use
  • Absence/presence detector technology
  • Increased employee comfort by providing the correct lighting levels
  • Increased longevity of light fittings
  • Flexibility in functionality
  • Capable of interfacing with other systems such as:
  • Digital layouts of your floor plan
  • Centralised control of lighting
  • Many variations of switches, sensors and touchscreens available to suit any architectural requirements

Lighting automation is a great solution for commercial buildings. Large properties require more control. With a custom lighting system, you can create a luminaire design and running program that serves your business needs. Program your lights to complement each room on your property and maximise the lighting conditions for the specific use of the space.

An automated lighting system will help you create a unique mood in your space. You can use lighting to influence the occupants of your building, compliment the architecture, or highlight an art installation. The choices are infinite with flexible design and functionality. You can even control your lighting to reduce energy consumption (by automatically turning off the lights in vacant rooms or adjusting the light levels according to the time of day). If you’d like to know more about your lighting management system options, get in touch with our friendly team members today. We’d love to discuss our unique lighting solutions with you.

What does Kerfoot offer?

We supply a variety of light fixtures to accommodate your needs. We provide the accompanying control solutions, which range from keypads and touchscreens to sensors and sophisticated systems that are capable of controlling all lights in a defined space. We offer services and support you from start to finish, from consultation and design to installation and management.

For decades, Kerfoot has worked closely with companies, business owners, engineers, architects and designers to design and produce lighting systems that are effective. In partnership with industry-leading providers, we employ the latest technology, highest quality components, and cost-effective approaches.

The design and installation of your lighting control system will be supervised by one of our dedicated project managers. We have had years of experience in creating and implementing unique lighting systems. Our efforts have even received awards for excellence on a number of occasions. If you want to work with an innovative team of lighting professionals, contact us now. We have a custom solution waiting for you.


We understand that your business has its own unique requirements. That’s why we offer customisation to fit your lighting automation needs. Our experts will closely work with you to identify the exact system capabilities you require, and customise a system that meets those needs.

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