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News : July 2014

Kerfoot Exceed Expectations with Kennards Hire Upgrades

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In response to changes to the Work Health & Safety (Residual Current Devices) Act in 2011, the Kennards Hire family and senior management identified the need for an audit of existing electrical switchboards in the almost 150 branches across Australia and New Zealand, some branches located in buildings up to 30 or 40 years old.

The results from the audit were somewhat alarming and identified the need for urgent upgrades or replacement of existing electrical switchboards, not only to ensure compliance with the updated regulations, but most importantly to help ensure the safety of all of our team members, as our people are our greatest asset.“

It’s great to be able to report to the business the full upgrade of almost 140 branches and over 200 electrical switchboards across the country in less than 18 months with almost 50% of these upgrades completed by Kerfoot” said Damian Lorenzutta, the National Property Construction Manager for Kennards Hire.

Without hesitation, the business requested cost estimates to complete the likely upgrade works to bring all switchboards up to the required standard, and approved funding to enable these works to commence without delay.

“Pleasingly, these upgrades have also been substantially completed within original budget estimates at the outset for this project, despite significant uncertainty as to the extent of work required in many branches and in a number of branches, additional “hidden” switchboards identified along the way !”

In response to work completed previously, Kerfoot were asked to come on board to assist with the audits and upgrade works for the NSW / ACT branches with Kerfoot’ Service Manager Vicki McDowell tasked with inspecting almost every branch throughout NSW and the ACT and later preparing detailed scopes of work and quotations for each site.

Later, when the Electrical Contractors initially appointed to undertake the upgrades for our branches in Queensland and Victoria were no longer able to do so, Kerfoot again exceeded expectation, confidently and willingly taking on some 12 upgrades in Queensland and a further 16 upgrades in Victoria including complex upgrades at South Melbourne and the Richmond ( Lift & Shift ) branches requiring engagement of supply authorities to shut down power from outside the premises due to the complex installations at these branches.

“Despite some significant challenges, Kerfoot committed to working with the Kennards Hire Property Team and our branches to complete all upgrades in accord with agreed schedules whilst working hard to minimise disruption and impact on branch operations.”

“Under Vicki’s leadership, the teams from Kerfoot worked with our Branch Managers and their teams to ensure that branches were operational on generator power prior to commencing upgrade works and this should be both acknowledged and commended.” said Damian Lorenzutta

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