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News : March 2017

5 Common Calls for an After Hours Electrician in Sydney

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At Kerfoot, we have a dedicated after hours electrician Sydney service available to all our commercial and domestic customers. We asked some of our team members about the most common distress calls they receive whilst manning the Kerfoot emergency hotline. We created this handy article to help you understand the potential electrical hazards you may face after-hours and why Kerfoot is the best choice for emergency assistance. Take a look at 5 common emergency situations below to find out why you should invest in preventative services today.


1.  Power failure

Blackouts can be caused by national energy grids or on-site electrical failures. You can minimise any loss in productivity by utilising our 24-hour electrician Sydney services. Power outages can be caused by equipment/circuit failure within your business, or by external factors like wildlife intervention and weather. Include a Kerfoot electrician in your power failure response strategy. Our after-hours service means that you won’t be left in the dark when determining the cause of your blackout.


2.  Storm damage

Freak weather incidents can cause major electrical emergencies in your building. You can prepare your building for an incoming storm or flood by completing the following checklist:

Have an RCD installed and maintained.

Remove or disconnect any electrical equipment that is not in use.

→ Make sure your staff know how to turn off the gas/electricity/water supply.

→ Move any equipment out of flood-prone areas.

→ Avoid using telephones that are connected to the building’s power during a storm. There is a risk of an electrical shock whilst using a fixed device.

Call our after hours electrician Sydney for a fast response to your environmental emergency. Any damage that has occurred during a weather incident needs to be managed by a licensed electrician. Damage may include water or fire damage to switchboards, loss of power, wet equipment, or severed electrical cables.


3.  Electrical breakdown

We understand that some businesses require a constant flow of productivity to meet their targets. An electrical breakdown is characterised by a large, unexpected rise in electrical current in a device or system that is not equipped to handle this level of activity. Common electrical breakdowns include lighting systems and small devices. If an electrical breakdown occurs in your machinery, it could cause a large decrease in productivity. We are contacted frequently to get businesses back up and running outside of normal working hours.


4.  Exposed wiring

If you discover any exposed wiring on your property, it needs to be addressed immediately. Dangerous wires can be the result of botched electrical works or unexpected damage to your building. If a member of your staff contacts a live wire, it could result in death. You can remain compliant and protect the occupants of your building by contacting one of our emergency electricians. Ask a Kerfoot electrician to fix the problem before it is too late.


5.  Workplace & Large Residential Building Emergencies

Emergency call-outs in workplaces and large residential properties are common. Call an after hours electrician Sydney building owners can trust. We service small office buildings, large commercial workspaces, apartment buildings, hotels, and more.  Our most frequent emergency building requests often include the following electrical faults:

Blackout: a blackout can be caused by a number of factors. A workplace power failure might be due to faulty appliances, switches, or circuit breakers. Before you call for assistance, check that your safety switch has not been tripped. If it has moved, you can flip it back into place to restore power in your home.

Electrical sparks: if one of your tenants or employees sees an electrical spark in any appliances or power outlets, it is important to stop using that item immediately and call a professional. Electrical sparking can be caused by water exposure, short circuits, old/aged appliances, or items that have been repaired incorrectly.

Exposed wiring: when wiring is exposed, the electrical current is no longer contained in the circuit. This is very dangerous and can cause a fatality if a person comes into contact with the wiring. Older wiring can lose its casing over time – if you find a damaged wire in your building, we advise that you contact us immediately.


Invest in Preventative Services

Prepare your building or workplace for an emergency with the most experienced electricians Sydney has to offer. At Kerfoot, we have a comprehensive range of services available for clients across Sydney. Minimise your need for our emergency services with the following range of electrical service and maintenance options:

Routine checks: We have a programmed preventative maintenance system (PPM) with monthly and six-monthly interval options. Our electricians can perform safety checks on all of your devices and systems to ensure no unexpected faults occur.

RCDs: A Kerfoot electrician can inspect and test your safety switches to ensure protection and functionality. We also offer replacement and repair services. A functional RCD will help prevent electrical emergencies in your building through detection and suspension of any current abnormalities.

Testing and inspection of equipment: We are an after hours electrician Sydney businesses can avoid with regular testing and tagging. Kerfoot team members inspect and test appliances and equipment according to the current safety standards to ensure your building is compliant and protected.

For more information about our after hours electrician Sydney services, browse through the rest of our site or get in touch via the contact page.

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