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News : January 2013

Maximising your Lighting efficiency

A recent report released by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage states

Lighting contributes significantly to business energy use and operating costs. Increasing energy prices highlight the need to reduce the cost of lighting. Energy use associated with lighting systems can be reduced by up to 82% if energy efficient lighting practices are adopted.

As an EcoSmart electrical contractor Kerfoot can advise on a range of lighting technologies and solutions to reduce your business lighting costs. But did you know, an regular lighting maintenance is a vital element of your overall lighting starategy.


Why conduct regular lighting maintenance

Proper maintenance is the most overlooked, yet cost-effective way to reduce the overall cost of lighting. Light levels decrease over time because of aging light fixtures, as well as dust collecting on lamps. Together these factors can reduce total illumination by up to 50 percent or more, while light fixtures continue to draw full power. Often facilities try to compensate for this light loss by adding more fixtures, increasing energy costs. The following are some Kerfoot maintenance strategies to help maximize lighting efficiency:

  • Clean fixtures, lamps and lenses every six months.
  • Replace lenses if they appear yellow.
  • Consider group replacement. Replacing all the lamps in a lighting system at the same time—rather than spot relamping—saves labor, keeps illumination high and avoids stressing ballasts with dying lamps.

Kerfoot Lighting maintenance and recommendations<

Our lighting maintenance and recommendations are designed to serve as a guideline, not only for day-to-day maintenance practices, but also to optimise lighting system performance year-round. The following are some basic included in our standard maintenance and recommendations report:

  • Facility audit
  • Fixture and lighting controls schedule
  • Specifications for all lighting equipment
  • Equipment and service provider sources and contacts (including utility contacts)
  • Fixture cleaning and relamping schedule with service tracking log
  • Procedures for the adjustment of controls and occupancy sensors

As an EcoSmart electrical contractor, Kerfoot will maximise potential energy savings through our lighting maintenance programs in line with overall energy management strategies for the site.

Spot versus group replacement

Spot replacement (replacing lamps as they burn out) is the most commonly used technique in traditional maintenance programs. Studies have shown group replacement increases lamp costs, while spot replacement requires higher labor costs. Group replacement has a number of advantages over spot replacement that make it beneficial in many circumstances.

  • Easy to schedule: Our service team can plan purchase and install planned group replacements, potentially reducing the size and cost of in-house maintenance staff.
  • Group replacement provides increased control and ensures that the most efficient fixtures are used.
  • Relamping can be combined with other Kerfoot maintenance activities, such as ballast inspection and lens cleaning.
  • Group replacement also presents an opportunity for our service technicinas to test light levels to make sure they are adequate to the space and tasks performed. When relamping, our technicians will test the new lamps in a small area to check illumination.
  • Lamp and fixture compatibility is another factor we consider. Matching replacement lamps to existing fixtures and ballasts can be difficult, especially with older fixtures. If necessary we will recommend installing new fixtures made for new lamps producing superior energy savings, reliability and longevity when compared with spot relamping.

In summary

  • Lighting systems deteriorate over time, while continuing to use the same amount of energy.
  • Reduce utility bills and improve lighting efficiency through proper lighting maintenance.
  • Group lighting replacement saves on labour costs and improves overall maintenance practices.

To arrange an audit, or for further information, contact our Customer Service team on (02) 9838 7744 or email Kerfoot’ Customer Service Online.

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