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News : August 2017

Why LED Lights are Better

why led lights are better

We know that by now you’ve probably been told a million times that LED lighting is better than other options out there on the market. So, you know that LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are superior but has anyone explained why LED lights are better?

If you’re still in the dark about lighting options, we’re here to help. We’ll talk you through the reasons why everyone is switching to LED systems.

Why LED Lights are Better

Like any product or piece of equipment, there are always advantages and disadvantages. We’ve made a list of the best reasons to invest in LED luminaires. Whether you’re replacing or upgrading a system, your lighting choice is clear.

When you use LEDs, you’ll have access to the following range of beneficial qualities:

  • Energy efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Instantaneous light (no warming up)
  • No flicker
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Heat resistant
  • Higher brightness
  • Can be integrated into a range of systems and designs

Flexibility, functionality and longevity are all a part of this lighting option. There’s even a government rebate and The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) as an incentive to make the switch. For more information about possible incentives, take a look at the NSW Energy Saving Scheme website.

At Kerfoot, we design and install lighting control systems. These systems are perfect for any commercial or industrial premises. We can create a custom design for your space and give your more control over the lighting in your building.

Why LED Lights Last Longer

LED lights last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. This is because most older lighting technology burns out relatively quickly. Incandescent bulbs suffer rapid filament breaks because of their metal construction. The metal expands each time the bulb heats (or is turned on) and causes the bulb to burn out.

If you’ve ever wondered why LED lights are better than fluorescents, we have an answer for that too. Fluorescents often suffer the same fate of that of the incandescent bulb. They burn out quickly (often starting at each end of the long fluorescent tube).

LED lights can’t actually burn out. They made out of semiconductive materials that generate a very small amount of heat. This means that there is little/no heat putting a strain on the bulb, and no constructive materials that are susceptible to easy wear and tear.

Why LED Lights are Energy Efficient

LED lamp lights use light emitting diodes that produce light in a very efficient manner. When the light is turned on, an electrical current moves through the semiconductor material and illuminates the light. Any heat is absorbed into a heat sink. Because light emitting diodes produce so little heat, they last longer and need to be replaced less often. This reduces the environmental impact of bulb replacement and the cost of new lights.

The low heat emissions also help to reduce energy consumption. As a general rule, the more heat a bulb produces, the more electrical energy is consumed. According to energy.gov, energy star rated LED products use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

Less energy consumption = less consumption = happy environment + lower costs

You can lower your impact on the environment by investing in LED.

Where to Buy LED Lights

Now that you know why LED lights are better than other lighting options, you need to get some installed in your space. If you’re wondering where to get some luminaires, leave it to us. Part of our design and installation service is sourcing and supplying globes.

We’ll discuss your unique requirements and choose diodes that will work best in your building. The best part about working with LEDs is the amount of design flexibility you get. This type of light emits in a specific direction. This means you can shine light exactly where you want to.

It also reduces the need for reflectors and diffusers. With a controller system, you can create a dynamic lighting design in your building. You’ll be able to turn lights on and off remotely and set lighting levels throughout your space. The choices are endless when you choose LED.


Are you looking for custom lighting solutions for your business? Contact us today and we’ll start planning a system for your space.


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