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News : January 2018

Benefits of Automated Lighting Control

automated lighting control

At Kerfoot, we are specialists in lighting automationIf you own or operate a business in a commercial space, we highly recommend investing in a custom design system for your building.

There are a number of great benefits that will accompany the installation and operation of your new lighting system. The main advantage of an automated lighting control system is the user’s ability to manage an entire network of lights with one controller. You will be able to create dynamic and complex lighting designs thanks to this comprehensive level of control.

Take a look at the following range of additional benefits a new lighting system could bring to your business. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today for a consultation.



Energy Efficiency

Our automated lighting control systems are energy efficient, thanks to timeclock, motion sensors, and PE Cells. These factors also contribute to practicality.

Conditional Settings

Automated systems have an extensive range of options and settings that you can configure based on a number of factors. You can choose to adjust the light levels according to the light levels outside or choose a system with occupancy sensors that turn off the lights when a room isn’t in use. You can even integrate your lighting control system with your emergency alarm system and change the lighting conditions for emergency conditions.

Flexible Installation & Integration

We can easily integrate your new system with your existing technology – whether it’s an emergency alarm system, a CCTV system, or an existing lighting installation, we can design a solution that fits your needs. Automated lighting systems are really flexible in their design options. The sensors, switches, and lamps don’t have fixed positions – this means that you can get a lighting design that is optimised for your unique environment.

Low Maintenance

Once you have chosen an automated program that meets your needs, you can let it run independently. The automatic nature of our designs allows business owners and managers to focus on the job at hand while the lighting is taken care of.

Portable Control

Thanks to advances in technology, you can control your lighting systems with mobile apps, tablets, and laptops. If your building has an automated system that is shared with multiple commercial tenants, each user can control their section with an app on their phone (or another device). This will allow you to avoid conflicts with other building occupants and control your area in a way that suits you best.


Choose Kerfoot for your Automated Lighting Control Requirements

We work with local lighting automation manufacturers to ensure that our clients have access to the latest and greatest advances in the industry. We can supply and install a custom design in your commercial or industrial space. Our project managers will meet with you for a consultation and design a lighting solution that meets all of your requirements. After that, will implement the design efficiently, and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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