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News : August 2017

Why Electrical Construction Jobs Are the Most Rewarding

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Kerfoot is celebrating 45 years in the business!

There’s a reason we’ve been working in this industry for so long – electrical construction jobs are some of the most rewarding projects you can work on. At Kerfoot, we love seeing our plans become a reality. By working closely with our clients and functioning as a team, we achieve excellence in all our projects – year in, year out.

If you’re thinking about a career in the electrical construction industry, take a look at our new careers section. We’re on the lookout for new team members so take a look at the current vacancies and get in touch if you have any questions. We’re one of the most innovative electrical construction companies in Australia.

With a Kerfoot career, the possibilities are endless. Check out the rest of our blog post to find out why a job in our industry can be so rewarding.

Endless Opportunity

When you work in such a broad industry, no two days are the same. At Kerfoot, we are proud to have worked on a wide range of projects – large and small. Our clients often require custom solutions, detailed planning, and precise execution to complete their ideal construction.

Every project comes with a fresh new set of challenges. Problem-solving and hard work combine to make our team so successful in this industry.

In 2016, we won a NECA NSW excellence award for our work on the Plasser Rail redevelopment. Our work for Plasser involved the extension and construction of their manufacturing facilities. Completing our work whilst maintaining a functional environment for manufacturing was one of the main challenges during the Plasser project. During our work extending the production facilities, we installed the following:

  • a substation to support the existing power supply
  • 3 new power distribution boards
  • 105 new energy efficient hi bays
  • new fibre link from the Telstra network
  • CCTV system design and installation
  • wireless fire smoke and EWIS system

For more information about the Plasser project, check out this article.

When it comes to electrical construction jobs, the next project you work on could be entirely different from the last. That’s what makes it so exciting to work in our industry. In contrast to our work with Plasser, we were also awarded by NECA in 2016 for our work on the Australian National Maritime Museum Warships Pavilion.  This project involved the design and installation of the venues electrical, communications, fire, and ventilation services.

Because of the venue’s unique location suspended over Darling Harbour, we had to run each system through the base location on land and into the museum on the water.

Work with a Team

Construction electrician jobs are never lonely jobs. At Kerfoot, we have a team of over 75 professional staff. When you work with a team, there’s more than just social value to gain. Pick the brain of the most experienced electricians in the industry and learn more about your trade.

We’re not only electricians. The entire team of administration staff, project managers, support staff, and tradesmen work together to achieve the best results for our clients. We have an advanced enterprise management system (EMS) that provides real time information to the office and field staff with the use of mobile communications systems.

Expand your Skillset

If you’re thinking about working in construction in Sydney, contact us today. We offer training to all of our new and existing staff to make sure you can do the best job possible. Investing in your staff makes for a happy employer and a happy team. We want our electricians to be the very best in the business. You’ll be highly trained and our clients will be highly satisfied.

Electrical construction jobs allow you to take your career into your own hands. Know that you’ll always be employable with a wide range of skills and experience behind you.

Improve your Environment

Not all electrician construction jobs offer the chance to work with energy efficiency. As an organisation, we’re committed to investing in environmental solutions where there is an opportunity. We’ll discuss energy efficient solutions with clients when we plan out new projects. This is a really fulfilling part of being a Kerfoot team member. You can take pride in your work and know that you’ve made a positive impact on your industry.

Looking for electrical construction jobs? Check out our careers section or get in touch with us today.

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