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News : March 2021

Kerfoot Comes Together for Values Awards

At Kerfoot we value coming together as a team as often as possible, as we grow this is so important.

Coming together is the simple act that enables us to foster a more inclusive culture, learn from each other and grow on both a personal and professional level. It allows us to build a strong team bond.

We were thrilled to be able to do this recently when our team gathered at Castle Hill’s Pioneer Theatre to celebrate our achievements over the past year, getting to know our new team members and sharing some amazing stories.

We spent time celebrating our culture through the presentation of our annual Values awards. We are extremely proud of our team and would like to congratulate the following members who were recognised by their peers as having continually displayed such exceptional qualities.

Elliot Guy – Pride and Passion
Chris Elliott – Respect
Laura Crockart – Ambition
Robert Bozinovski – Nurturing
Mark Burgess – Positivity
Daniel Ireland – Positivity
Glenn Vella – Values Champion
Demi Toohey – Values Champion

Thank you to our entire team for making this such a special event, We are excited to continue this Kerfoot tradition of coming together throughout 2021.

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