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News : January 2020

Kerfoot is committed to helping our country rebuild

Kerfoot is committed to helping our country rebuild

We are incredibly saddened and devastated to see what has been unfolding across the nation during the bushfire crisis. These unprecedented fires have destroyed countless homes and taken many lives; millions of animals have perished or lost their habitat, and communities have been decimated. As we all returned to work to the backdrop of unrelenting destruction and sadness, the bushfire crisis has been at the forefront of our minds as a company and collective of people who care.


None of us have to look far to discover someone close to us who has been directly impacted by the bushfires. At Kerfoot, the family of one of our valued leading hands has suffered property and stock losses on the south coast. The scale of loss even for this one family is profound, and it serves as an example of the scale and depth of impact.


Kerfoot is committed to helping our country rebuild. We take corporate responsibility seriously, and in response to the bushfire crisis we have begun with our pledge of $120,000 to be delivered over the next 12 months in cash and donations in kind.


We must not underestimate the gravity of this disaster and the long path ahead of us. Through discussions with our whole team, we’re heard their generous offers and wonderful ideas, and we have many tangible ways to come together as a team to make a difference. It is clear the whole Kerfoot team would like to be involved in the recovery and to do more than a one-off cash donation.


Our first step was to establish Our Bushfire Action Group 2020 to facilitate our contribution to the ongoing rebuilding and support of the families, communities and wildlife affected by these fires.


Our goals for our Bushfire Action Group 2020 will be:


  • To Nurture and assist those people connected with Kerfoot who have been impacted
  • To help and support the local/family businesses affected
  • To assist farmers who are battling both the impact of the fires and the drought
  • To support and help our wildlife which have lost their lives and habitat
  • To create a positive impact through working together for a higher purpose


We’re so proud of how our team has, once again, come together for the good of our communities.


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