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News : November 2017

LED Arena Lighting

Last month, Perth Stadium revealed its brand-new LED arena lighting system. The system is the largest in the world, and is made up of more than 15, 000 LED light bulbs.

It’s exciting to see innovation using LED lighting. At Kerfoot, we’re committed to innovation and large-scale electrical projects. We’ve worked on past projects in the entertainment and sporting industry with great success.

If you have a sporting arena lighting project in mind, get in touch with us today. We offer lighting design and installation services for recreational sporting purposes as well as lighting for entertainment and special events.

Sports and Recreation

LED arena lighting can be simple or complex. For local sporting clubs and recreational centres, a simple, functional approach will best serve the community. If you’re playing indoor sports, you need bright lights that don’t flicker or cost a large amount to run.

An LED system is the perfect solution. We can install flicker-free lights at your sporting venue. LED lighting products are energy efficient – which means lower running costs and fewer bulb replacements.

At Kerfoot, we have a proven track record working with community and government organisations. We can design a system that suits your specific requirements.

Events and Entertainment

LED lighting systems are fantastic because they are customisable and versatile. You can design a system with the capacity for automation, lighting effects, energy efficiency, and functionality.

At Kerfoot, we offer flexible LED arena lighting solutions to venues around Sydney.

Arena systems are designed with flexibility in mind. Most venues will host a variety of events, and we design our systems accordingly. Use floodlights for a sporting event on one day, then employ a wide range of stunning visual effects on another. The choices are endless with LED systems.

You can have full control of your lighting system with touchscreen controllers and integration into your existing systems.

Key Advantages of LED Light Systems

If you’re wondering why you should invest in LED arena lighting, take a look at the following range of key advantages:

  • sustainable
  • dynamic design and settings
  • remote control
  • low running costs
  • control of light levels
  • programming options
  • easy to maintain
  • can be integrated

Ask us about our design and installation services today for more information about how we can work together on your project. We’re an award-winning team of dedicated electrical professionals – ask us to design and install your next lighting project and see where innovation can take you.

Project Management

We offer a complete range of services to commercial and industrial businesses. Where other electrical companies need external project management, we have our own internal team. Our entire group works together to ensure the seamless delivery of lighting projects.

We’ll design your system, source the best products from local LED light manufacturers, and see your project through from start to finish.

Contact us now on  1300 850 869 or fill in the contact form to find out more about our work.



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