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News : April 2017

Save Energy with your Sydney Local Electrician

sydney local electrician Is your business located in Sydney? Are you an environmentally conscious organisation, or someone who is interested in reducing consumption costs? Kerfoot are your Sydney local electrician team with a difference. We have a track record in energy saving projects and can help you minimise consumption in your business. Take a look at our energy saving tips today or contact our team for more information about how we can help you enhance your next electrical project.

With our energy efficient solutions, you will have access to a range of benefits including:

  • Minimised cost
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved working environment
  • Independence (with renewable energy)

 Renewable Energy

There a number of renewable energy sources and initiatives available for businesses in Australia. These sources include:

  • Hydro Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Ocean Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Bioenergy

Your business may choose to install solar, water, or wind-powered systems, or buy GreenPower. GreenPower is a government initiative wherein energy customers can elect to receive some or all of their power through renewable sources. All you have to do is contact your electricity supplier and choose the percentage of GreenPower you would like to receive.

The following statistics are a summary of our progress in reaching the national Renewable Energy Target (last updated 2015). As a nation, we have a long way to go. You can join the movement towards a more sustainable Australia by switching to clean energy today. Contact our Sydney local electrician team for support and guidance in your sustainable journey.

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Source: Clean Energy Council Fact Sheet 2015

At Kerfoot, we conduct renewable electrical services Sydney businesses should all invest in. Contact us today to find out more about how we can make your company more sustainable.

Efficient Lighting Solutions

Upgrade to LED: LED bulbs can last 25% longer than regular incandescent lighting. With fewer replacements, you can reduce your overall lighting cost. They also use around 75% less energy than other lighting options.

Sensor lights for restrooms: For rooms that are frequently in use, you can install motion sensor technology that ensures the lights are off when the room is empty.

Energy management system/Lighting Controls: With an efficient lighting control system, you can manage the lighting in your entire building. With accurate control, you can design a specific program that minimises consumption in your building.

Regular Cleaning and inspection: Dusting lights regularly will ensure each bulb isn’t subject to unnecessary dimming. With thorough inspection of your lighting system, you can eliminate any faulty parts and achieve optimum results.

What can you do?

Whilst we recommend that you seek advice from your Kerfoot Sydney local electrician, there are some minor improvements you can make on your own. The following tips will help you minimise the environmental impact of your business:

  • Replace dated equipment with new “energy star rated” equipment.
  • Turn off the lights when they aren’t in use.
  • Window caulking & insulation.
  • Turn off appliances and equipment at the power point when they aren’t in use.
  • Reuse paper and make sure your staff recycle.
  • Replace old heating and air conditioning systems.

For more information about how you can reduce energy consumption in your business, take a look at this guide from the Australian Government.

Our Electrical Services

With our Sydney electrical services, you can minimise the chance of electrical breakdown and maintain an efficient system. With a sustained effort to maintain the functionality of your equipment and systems, you can ensure that each device is working at optimum capacity. Eliminate faulty or damaged equipment with regular inspection and testing services from Kerfoot. The following range of services could help your business achieve maximum productivity and minimise costly disruption:

Programmed preventative maintenance: Our electricians can create a schedule that meets your unique business requirements. Our programmed maintenance plans are available to ensure any issues are dealt with ahead of time. This proactive approach will reduce the chance of disruption in your organisation.

Safety switch testing: Ask our Sydney local electrician to inspect and test your RCD devices. If you have a faulty switch that causes frequent tripping, it can lead to unnecessary energy costs involved in rebooting your system. A working switch is essential for safety.

Testing and tagging: Functional equipment will ensure maximum productivity in your business. Through regular inspection and testing, you can verify the practicality of each device.

Thermographic scanning: Unexplained equipment failure and electrical system disruption can be explained with thermal imaging. Ask one of our capable staff to identify faulty devices today.

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