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Australian National Maritime Museum Solar

Scope of Works

Installation of 243.6 kW of lightweight, best in class, first in Australia, renewable energy Solar Energy generating panels.

Job Description

Kerfoot are proud to have been a part of such an iconic project.

This project was first in its class and first in Australia using lightweight, non-glass, solar panels installed using non-destructive techniques.

Each panel weighs a fraction of a traditional glass solar panel, making them more environmentally friendly and breaking the barrier to access for older buildings where the roof was not constructed to support the additional load of traditional solar panels.

From inception to completion, Kerfoot and Energus Solar worked side by side in the planning, designing and implementing of the system in adherence to the stringent requirements of the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

The placement of each panel was carefully selected to maximise the energy output and minimise any impact to the aesthetic of the building and the harbour. This project had very limited roof access with a 30-degree pitch. It was critical to the success of this project that we were able to overcome these challenges to go above and beyond the expectations of our client.

During the design stage, one key factor was minimisation of glare that could be created by sun light reflection from traditional glass panels, this could create potential dangerous situations to harbour users (boats, ships, etc), wildlife and adjacent buildings.

The non-glass panels excelled in the glare test returning negligible to no glare results.

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