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Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, formerly known as the Mount Tomah Botanical Garden, is a captivating 28-hectare public botanic garden nestled in the scenic beauty of Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Situated just 100 KM west of the bustling Sydney central business district, this enchanting garden offers a serene retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. With its diverse collection of plant species from around the world, the garden showcases the stunning beauty and ecological richness of the Blue Mountains region. Visitors can wander through its tranquil paths, marvelling at the vibrant displays of native and exotic plants, and immersing themselves in the peaceful ambiance of this horticultural paradise. The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah is truly a nature lover’s haven and a delightful escape into botanical wonders.

Kerfoot has been entrusted with the service and maintenance works at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, formerly known as the Mount Tomah Botanical Garden, for seven consecutive years. This testament to their expertise is further solidified by the recent renewal of their contract until June 30, 2024. As part of their scheduled maintenance scope, Kerfoot conducts a comprehensive range of activities aimed at preserving the optimal performance of the property.

Scheduled Maintenance Scope:

Our scheduled maintenance tasks encompass a comprehensive range of activities designed to maintain the optimal performance of the property. Some of the key elements of our scheduled maintenance scope include:

  • Main Switchboard Testing: Thorough testing and inspection of the main switchboards to ensure proper functioning.
  • Distribution Board Testing: Comprehensive testing of distribution boards to guarantee optimal operation.
  • Thermal Imaging: Utilising advanced thermal imaging technology to detect potential electrical issues and prevent failures.
  • RCD Testing: Rigorous testing of residual current devices (RCDs) to ensure safety and compliance.
  • ACB Testing: Testing and inspection of air circuit breakers (ACBs) to maintain their performance.
  • Emergency and Exit Light Testing: Regular testing of emergency and exit lighting systems for proper functionality.
  • PFC Maintenance: Maintenance and inspection of power factor correction (PFC) systems for improved power efficiency.


Reactive Maintenance Scope:

As part of our contract, Kerfoot is equipped to handle reactive maintenance, promptly addressing unforeseen issues that may arise. Our reactive maintenance scope includes:

  • Emergency Response for Power Outage: Swift and efficient response to any power outages to minimize disruptions.
  • Lighting Maintenance: Comprehensive maintenance services for lighting systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Repair/Replacement of Damaged Electrical Equipment: Prompt repair or replacement of any electrical equipment found to be damaged or faulty.


Project Work Scope:

In addition to maintenance services, Kerfoot also undertakes project works to enhance Mr Tomah property and ensure they remain up to date with the latest technology and energy-efficient solutions. Our project work scope includes:

  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • LED Lighting Upgrades including Carpark Lighting Design and Install
  • RCD Testing and
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Emergency and Exit Testing


Project Accolades:

With a commitment to service excellence, Kerfoot aims to ensure that the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah receives the utmost care and attention, helping to maintain its beauty and functionality.

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