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HUB Australia

Kerfoot Projects has just successfully handed over the HUB Australia project.

HUB Australia offer a co working platform for growing businesses in Australia, with a range of memberships to suit your needs, depending on the stage of your business.

Kerfoot were engaged by the Principle contractor to install Lighting, Power, A Structured Cabling System and Dry Fire Smoke Detection with Building Occupancy Warning System.

Services installation was to the following facilities, across 5 levels:

  • Café with Barista
  • Gym
  • End of Trip Facility
  • Media Room
  • Event Space and Venue Hire
  • Parents Room
  • Rooftop Terrace with city views
  • New Consumer Mains to A New Main Distribution Board
  • Tennant, House and Mechanical Rising Mains
  • Structured Cabling System with copper and Fibre backbone

The project commenced in September of 2107. Kerfoot had a team of between 10-20 technicians and tradesman working across multiple floors to deliver the project on time and in full.

Correspondence with Ausgrid to successfully manage a shutdown of the site and substation Connection of the new consumer mains to the New MSB went smoothly.

Our supplier’s dedication to our demands, helped in the successful completion and handover of the Project.

Project Accolade.

Being a Heritage Project, one of the most challenging jobs was to integrate the installation of the Cable Tray, Power, Lighting and all Services, without compromising and Maintaining the Heritage aspects of the Building. Kerfoot worked diligently with the City’s Architects to make sure this was successfully achieved.

A special thanks to the whole Kerfoot team on site Led by Russell Brown, Rod Giddings and Jay Anderson on delivering yet another Awesome Project.



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