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Darlington Public School

Project Description

Darlington Public School, situated in Chippendale, recently underwent a remarkable and extensive multi-million-dollar upgrade aimed at revolutionizing the learning environment for both students and staff. The project’s ambitious scope involved a complete demolition and subsequent reconstruction, resulting in a new multilevel building capable of accommodating over 400 students. The upgrade was driven by the school’s growing needs and incorporated nine cutting-edge teaching spaces, dedicated preschool classrooms, a modern library, an efficient administration area, a spacious hall, a well-equipped canteen, covered outdoor learning areas (COLAs), beautifully landscaped grounds, play areas, and upgraded staff facilities.

Kerfoot was awarded the responsibility of designing and constructing various electrical, communications, lighting, solar, security, and dry fire systems. Throughout the project we implemented a range of technical and innovative solutions to ensure that the electrical and communication systems were optimally designed, lighting was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, solar power was integrated efficiently, security measures were top-notch, and dry fire systems were implemented effectively.

Kerfoot’s expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in transforming Darlington Public School into a modern and well-equipped educational institution, catering to the evolving needs of students and staff alike.

Specific items within the scope of this project were:

  • Inground pit and duct system
  • Cable tray and pathways
  • Power systems
  • Lighting installations
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Security and CCTV systems
  • Dry fire systems
  • Public Address system
  • Hearing Augmentation facilities
  • Audio Visual systems
  • MATV (Master Antenna Television) system


Project Accolades:

  • Futuristic KNX Lighting Control: Infusing our project with cutting-edge technology, we seamlessly integrated an advanced KNX lighting control system across the school premises. This smart setup not only optimizes energy consumption but also crafts a delightful lighting ambiance. By intuitively adapting lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light, we’ve cultivated a cozy and eco-friendly atmosphere for both students and staff.
  • Uninterrupted Operations through Split Staging: Embarking on an audacious venture, we flawlessly executed the construction of a new building while the existing school hummed with activity. Employing a split staging strategy, we orchestrated the construction in two phases, ensuring the school’s daily operations flowed without interruption. Our commitment to seamless progress enabled young learners to remain immersed in education, undistracted.
  • LED Brilliance for Energy Conservation: Embracing the brilliance of LED lighting, a game-changer in energy-efficient radiance, we swapped out traditional lighting fixtures throughout the campus. This transition significantly slashed energy usage, thus reducing the school’s carbon footprint. Our intelligent decision not only curbed costs but also nurtured an eco-conscious and sustainable environment for generations.
  • Sensible Lighting Control with Intelligent Sensors: Our drive for sustainability transcended the ordinary, as we incorporated smart lighting controls and sensors into the system. These ingenious elements autonomously adjust lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light, ensuring luminosity only when necessary. This savvy management maximizes energy efficiency, championing a verdant school setting.
  • PVC Tracking: A Leap towards Order and Ecology: Our pursuit of sustainability extended to materials, where we meticulously opted for PVC tracking to ensure safe and organized placement of electrical components. This eco-friendly choice not only ensures seamless system operation but also reduces waste, amplifying the overall project sustainability.
  • Surpassing J6 Compliance: Our pride swells as we outstrip regulatory requisites. In a resolute stride towards enhanced energy efficiency, we soared beyond Section J6 compliance—a stringent array of energy efficiency standards outlined in the Building Code of Australia. Our dedication to surpassing these benchmarks echoes our vow to fashion environmentally conscious solutions that redefine sustainability standards.

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