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St Vincent's Cator Building - New Teaching Facilities

Project Description

One of St Vincent’s existing three story buildings was transformed into the new teaching facility for the hospital. Kerfoot completed the design, supply and installation of all electrical, lighting, communications, security, CCTV, fire services and a new state of the arc audio visual system.

Once complete the new facilities included a hospital simulation lab with cameras, recording equipment and simulation dummies for the training and teaching of new nurses. The building also includes a library, offices, training rooms, a large auditorium, bathroom and shower facilities.

All existing services in the building where to be upgraded but as this was a stage 3 project this meant no interruptions to their services where to take place in working or training hours.

Kerfoot successfully upgraded the existing main switch board and power distribution system, communications back bone & IT links, the somplete fire smoke & EWIS system and the CCTV & access control system eith no interruptions to the client.

Project Accolade

This project was a huge success and further cememented out relationship with an existing client showing that the project team was not only capable of completely a complex project but also completeing the design and coordination of all electrical services for such a critical building in the hospitals campus

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