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Sydney Lighting Market Upgrade

Project Description:

The Sydney Markets Flemington site spans a massive 42 hectares and sees a customer base of around 140,000 people through its gates each week. The Markets operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with around 700 businesses operating within its ground. Sydney Markets found that their site wide energy consumption was large due to the age and type of light fittings. In an effort make themselves Carbon Neutral and reduce their bills, the Markets engaged Kerfoot to complete an upgrade of the existing Lights to LED what immediately reduced their power consumption for lighting by 40%. In total these lights added to a staggering quantity of just under 1,100 fittings. All works had to be completed in a 4-day work week so that the Markets could continue to function as normal. The project was a huge success with Kerfoot being now in talks of future projects.

The project is part of a larger effort by Sydney Markets to improve their energy efficiency. We at Kerfoot contributed with the lighting upgrades. Below is the detail of the savings we were able to support implementation by the Council.

Just under 1,100 High Bay fittings were replace with new LED High Bays. The Lighting wattage usage went from 250W per fitting to 150W per fitting. Reducing the lighting load by around 40% which has resulted in a significant saving to the Markets whilst increasing the lumen output by 20-30%.

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