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Vivid 2014 - 'Heaven's Cloth' Installation

Project Description:
Kerfoot was asked by ARUP to assist in delivering the Vivid Lighting display ‘Heavens Cloth’ at the 2014 Vivid festival.

Heaven’s Cloth was a challenging installation piece suspended across a narrow heritage-listed alleyway from 23 May to 9 June 2014. The piece consisted of an active and porous ceiling that displayed projected light. Drawn from multiple sources, the light refracted through the translucent rings of the canopy, sparkling down upon the viewer.

A multi-disciplinary artistic installation involved the viewer in a collaborative visual and aural experience.

From the client:

“Installation mounting options were limited by the heritage status of the Rocks area of Sydney, where the piece was located. To work around this, an elegant catenary wire suspension system was designed to hang the cloth made of interlocked plastic rings from around the perimeter. Eight small form-factor JBL Control 23 loudspeakers were also discreetly hung out of sight to help create an immersive stereo audio experience throughout the lane way.”

Tim Carr – Arup

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