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Vivid 2017 - 'Tidal' Installation

Kerfoot are proud to announce our involvement in one of this year’s most iconic Vivid Installations – . The Team worked in co-operation with Arup’s, Inspire Big Screen and Amplify (AMP) to deliver a product that both stunned and awed audience’s inspiring them to lose themselves in the Lighting and Audio experience that surrounded them.

Kerfoot installed all Lighting and Audio equipment in the 120 meter lane-way at an average height of 8 meters. Being a public space and working on occupied buildings made the installation more difficult however the team saw the project through and it was completed well before the due date and the commissioning of the new system went seamlessly.

Kerfoot installed their first Vivid lighting display 5 years ago and the technology evolution in that short space of time is staggering. The latest technology has enabled us to provide you with the display you were able to witness at this year’s Vivid.

Our integrations team enjoys keeping abreast with the new technologies and are looking forward to see what Vivid lighting display they can come up with next year.

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