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Fort St Public School, Millers Point

Project Description

Fort Street Public School located in Millers Point, NSW, underwent a comprehensive upgrade to address the increasing demands of a growing community. Established in 1849, Fort Street Public School holds the status as one of Australia’s oldest government schools. In line with the NSW Government’s initiative to modernise essential services, the project focused on enhancing the school’s infrastructure to accommodate up to 550 students.

Through a blend of new construction and refurbishments, the upgrade introduced innovative facilities while preserving the area’s historical character. Key highlights include the addition of 24 home base classrooms, a new school hall, a library, out-of-school hours care (OSHC) facilities, and new play spaces, providing students and staff with inspiring environments conducive to effective teaching and learning.

Kerfoot was contracted to handle the comprehensive tasks of designing, constructing, coordinating, supplying, installing, testing, commissioning, and certifying all electrical services throughout the project.

Specific items within the scope of this project were:

  • Security services – CCTV, IP Video intercom systems
  • Communication services
  • Power
  • Lighting
  • Related fire protection services
  • Temporary power supply
  • Carrier lead-in services
  • Mains and submains cabling
  • Switchboards
  • Cable Containment
  • Photovoltaic Power generation
  • Final sub circuit cabling & power outlets
  • Lighting & Lighting control
  • Emergency Evacuation lighting
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Communications and telephone services installation
  • Emergency Duress
  • Security, including access control, surveillance (CCTV), IP Video intercom system and intruder detection
  • Audo visual, including public address, Period bell and Hearing Augmentation (both RF and lay in)
  • Audio Visual- School Hall fit out with Sound Reinforcement System, Video Display and Stage Lighting
  • Civil inground excavation. Conduit installation and pit installation
  • TfNSW Electrical Infrastructure Diversions
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Design, supply and installation of a 40kW PV System


Project Accolades:

  • Successfully managed working within 3 heritage-listed buildings by collaborating closely with heritage consultants to preserve historical integrity while achieving modernisation goals.
  • Installed advanced security and communication systems, including CCTV, IP video intercoms, fire detection, alarm systems, emergency evacuation lighting, and warning systems to meet regulatory standards and ensure a safe learning environment.
  • Implemented a 40kW PV System with 103 x 390W Solar panels installed across a roof pitching 8 different ways, along with 2 x 15kW Inverters and PVDB for efficient energy generation.
  • Adopted energy-efficient LED lighting technology throughout the school premises to reduce energy consumption and waste generation.
  • Integrated site-wide lighting control systems for precise management of lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light availability, minimising unnecessary energy usage.
  • Implemented PVC tracking for cable management to facilitate organisation, accessibility, and compliance with ESD (Green Star) standards, minimising material wastage and promoting sustainable resource utilisation practices.

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