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Australian Tax Office Project & Henry Street Redevelopment

Project Description:

The ATO Fitout project was a large scale, multi-disciplined refurbishment project on the existing operating building. The works were completed in stages allowing for the consolidation of the ATO from full building occupancy down to 6 floors. The refurbishment works were a combination of Base Building and ATO Fitout works.

For Kerfoot this project included the full refurbishment of all floors, Plant rooms, the roof area & external facades . The complete project included:-

Base Building Scope

  • Supply and install new consumers mains from the existing substation to the two new Main Switchboards.
  • Supply and install two new Main Switch Boards.
  • Supply and install new submains from Main swithboards.
  • Supply and install a new generator distribution board, interfacing with the existing generator.
  • Supply and install new generator control system to interface with existing generator and new ATS units
  • Provide new earthing system.
  • Supply and install new ATS units and load shed relays as indicated on the drawings
  • Provide cables support using cable trays, skirting ducts, catenary wire and conduits for electrical and communications reticulation.
  • Supply and install new distribution boards
  • Supply and install all single phase and three phase power circuits as indicated on the drawings and connect to the new distribution boards.
  • Supply and install all outlets, accessories and isolators.
  • Supply and install all internal and external building lighting, emergency lighting and lighting control
  • Provide lighting control system and programming for all lighting using a combination DALI controlled ballasts and DALI controlled relays and programmable light switches.
  • Provide a low level interface between the lighting control system and the BMS system.
  • Supply and install all lighting, motion detectors, input equipment and lighting control
  • Supply and install new din rail cabinets for lighting control units and accessories.
  • Provide power circuits with RCD protection
  • Provide a complete operational telecommunications cabling system for the building.
  • Provide accommodation for telecommunications cabling infrastructure.
  • supply and install a complete MATV system.
  • supply and install building mobile phone coverage system
  • supply and install structured cabling system
  • supply and install energy metering system

Fitout Scope

  • Supply and install new switchboards in the Computer Room (CR), Telecommunication Room (TR), the Security Equipment Rooms (SER) and the Mail Room (MR)
  • Supply and install new 400A Closed Transition ATS panel within the Computer room
  • Supply and install Modular Equipment Cabinet System (POD).
  • Supply and install 80kW Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Batteries.
  • Supply and install smart metering
  • Modifications to any Basebuild electrical services in order
  • Supply and install dedicated fire rated submains to all TRDB’s and SERDB’s.
  • Supply and install dedicated submains to MRDB.
  • Supply and install new power factor correction (PFC). PFC to be 150kVAr expandable to 250kVAr (4 X 50 + 2 x 25 kVAr Step)
  • House and lift lobby lighting and power are to remain unchanged unless indicated on the drawings.
  • Supply and install new light fittings, emergency lights and exit signs
  • Provide lighting control system and programming for the lighting layout using a combination of DALI controlled ballasts and DALI controlled relays.

Project Description:

The project presented a major logistical operation to manage, identify, disconnect and remove the existing services & infrastructure simultaneously undertaking the installation and connection of temporary supplies, implementing new services without effecting security or daily operations of the ATO.

Kerfoot was presented with a significant challenge; to replace the existing Main switchboard and site power Distribution system without any downtime to the ATO. Kerfoot successfully executed a faultless shutdown & changeover in just one weekend returning power to the site earlier than projected.

The preparation, staging and installation practices Kerfoot implemented on this project were meticulous and was 6 months in the planning resulted in a seamless transition without affecting the ATO business The Client was extremely gratified.

The amount of planning, co-ordination and problem solving required to deliver the amount of services adjustment through a trading building has refined our skills and showcases the attention to detail we can provide.


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