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Green Square - Community Facilities Project

The project has 5 Key areas know as:

  1. The Green Square Infrastructure Centre (GIC)

The Green Square Infrastructure Centre (GIC) is located on the site of the former Royal South Sydney Hospital in Zetland. The project involves the adaptive re-use of the former hospital administration building, a heritage-listed 1913 brick structure, into a tri-generation power plant and storm water recycling facility. Its conversion will make the GIC the heart of the green infrastructure for the Green Square Town Centre and be a showcase project for the City of Sydney’s 2030 Vision for a sustainable Sydney.

  1. The Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

The former Esme Cahill nurses’ quarters will become the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre housing creative offices, artists’ studios, a gallery, jewellery making benches and spaces for community hire. The Joynton Avenue Creative Centre will be a hive of activity providing artists and creative practitioners with space to try out new ideas, connect and collaborate.

  1. JCS Community Shed

The nearby former pathology building will house a community shed for groups to host workshops and a wide range of activities. Community sheds are a growing initiative for retirees, those who can’t find full-time work or people living in high-density areas with little access to outdoor space.

  1. Matron Ruby Grant Park

The Royal South Sydney Hospital opened in 1913 and was described in The Sydney Morning Herald as “a fine block of hospital buildings equipped in the most modern style”. It played an important role in nurse training, and adapted and grew to cope with changing populations and medical practice. It closed in 2003. Miss Ruby Jane Grant was Matron of Royal South Sydney Hospital for 20 years from 1928 to 1947 and president of the NSW Nurses’ Association from 1933 to 1937. She provided leadership for generations of nurses and was an early activist in improving working practices and conditions for nurses. The new Matron Ruby Grant Park will sit between the former nurses’ quarters and pathology building and will provide open space, a playground for toddlers and a community garden.

  1. The Private Wire Network

The City is building a private wire, a local distribution system that shares electricity between facilities, in Green Square. As a result, the City’s childcare centre, water recycling plant, creative areas and public lighting will all benefit from reduced power costs. We’re also installing photovoltaic panels on our buildings so we can share the electricity they generate with other buildings reducing emissions even further. And in the future, individual developments in the Green Square town centre will aim for a green star rating. It’s part of our commitment to reduce emissions by 70% by 2030.

Kerfoot was engaged to completed the design of all electrical services between all packages once the design was completed the scope of works included:

  • Decommissioning and make safe of all existing services on site
  • Connection of the site to the Ausgrid High voltage network.
  • New Site wide power distribution system including 4 New main switch boards for all new buildings.
  • Provisions for all other future city of Sydney developments within the new main switch boards.
  • New site wide in ground pit & conduit networks for power & Communications reticulation.
  • Construction of pits on site including lids, ladders, pulling eyes & drainage.
  • Heritage Recalculation for all electrical services using a mixture of Timber, copper, Steel & stainless steel
  • Provisions for all other future city of Sydney developments within the new site wide in ground pit & conduit network for power &  Communications reticulation
  • Lead in communications services from the NBN Network for 3 separate Buildings.
  • All Authority metering.
  • Consumer & Submains for the site
  • Power distribution for all buildings connected to the main switch boards.
  • Communications infrastructure for all buildings connected back to the lead in cabling.
  • Smart Meter for the entire site connected back to the city’s smart metering platform using 3 types of connection points: (Fibre, Copper, Wireless)
  • General & Specialised power outlets
  • Communications network and horizontal cabling.
  • General, Functional & feature lighting
  • Park, Public domain & landscaping feature lighting
  • Smart lighting control
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Building ventilation
  • Fire, Smoke & EWIS systems
  • Security, Access control & CCTV systems
  • Audio Visual installation
  • Hearing Augmentation
  • Integration of all systems back to the city of Sydney’s control room

We have proven to a new client that no job is too difficult through the Kerfoot can do attitude and we have successfully converted new projects with this client as a direct result of this project.


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