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State Library of New South Wales

Kerfoot’s relationship with the NSW State Library began back in 2015 when our Project’s team completed a fitout of Levels 1 and 3 office areas.

Once completed and successfully handed over, the Kerfoot Service team was engaged by the State Library to facilitate their electrical and maintenance needs.  As a result of the continuing relationship, numerous service and minor Project works have been carried out, rectifying issues and improving functionality of the original space as well as adding additional components to the newer areas of the Library.

Owing to the relationship between the State Library and Kerfoot, we were given the opportunity to design and install a new lighting control system which has enabled the building management team more control over their existing lighting.

As the office areas were already installed with DALI light fittings the most cost Effective option was to install a RAPIX Lighting Control System which required minimal changes to the existing installation but provided a range of benefits that weren’t included in the existing install. Building management are now able to adjust the lighting levels for the individual’s light fittings without having to plug in additional hardware or even leave their Office.

Moving forward from this the Library has a vision to further expand the system throughout the site and even adding a Head End PC with Visualisation Software to enable ease of use and monitoring for the End User.

If you are interested in upgrading your existing lighting and/or lighting Control System, contact the Kerfoot Integration’s Team and we help you Design a system that will give you the functionality required whilst maintaining a budget

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