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St Vincent's Private Hospital - Mental Health Unit

Project Description

St Vincent’s Private Hospital, part of St Vincent’s and Mater Health on Sydney’s Darlinghurst campus, was seeking to develop a world class private mental health treatment facility.

The facility is located on levels 6 and 7 of the O’Brien Centre at the north end of the Darlinghurst campus.The recently completed O’Brien centre accommodates all of St Vincent’s drug and alcohol services.

The project involved the relocation of the existing 24 hour call centre to another level and the creation of private hospital rooms with twenty new beds.

Project Accolade

One of the largest challenges facing Kerfoot and their client was the relocation of the whole call centre from its original location on level 7 to the new environment on level 6.

This call centre was manned 24 hours a day and needed to be kept fully operational and on line during the entire construction period which was a great feat.

The successful delivery of this project to two of Kerfoot’s major clients demonstrated that Kerfoot has the expertise and skills within its team to ensure its future in the electrical industry and also expand its services when our clients require us to, enabling them to grow in today’s commercial enviroment.

The project was so successful Kerfoot was awarded the NECA Excellence Award in 2012 in the Medium Fit Out category.

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