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Upgrade works to Linac Bunker 3 – Radio Therapy Unit

Refurbishment with new radiotherapy and X-ray equipment as well as full electrical upgrade.

The upgraded unit will allow more patients to be threated each day with lesser unwanted health effects.

Out works included:

  • 63A submain supply to Brainlab equipment for LA3 bunker
  • 100A submain supply to Varian equipment for LA3 bunker
  • 50A submain supply to MSSB for LA3 Bunker
  • Essential & non-essential medical power for Body Protected areas
  • 240v lighting system for Control Rooms & Change Rooms
  • C-Bus lighting control within LA3 bunker
  • Electrical reticulation including cable trays, cable ladders, conduits, brackets and catenaries.
  • Final sub circuit wiring for the power installation including isolators, permanent connections, socket outlets and other accessories (including body protected area’s).
  • 2 channel skirting duct
  • Clevertronics “Zone Works” emergency control system
  • Body Protected installation
  • Earthing installation


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