As part of the promenade redevelopment Kerfoot completed alongside with Cockram Construction for Randwick City Council, we were also engaged project manage and carry out all Electrical Level 1 works required to remove, relocate, replace and reinstall the upper promenade street lighting.

The project required extensive research to find long forgotten details regarding make and model of the surrounding poles.

Matching new and existing was of vital importance, as any inconsistencies in colour or shape would have stood out sharply.

Once the details were found, we tracked the manufacturer, Saferoads in Victoria, and confirmed the design had long being discontinued, Kerfoot and the Saferoads, worked closely to piece together all possible information and come up with an identical product.

The result is great, and we are happy to say that, if you go to Coogee Beach today, you would not know that some of the poles are a few months old and others are decades old.

Renato Covos was the project manager responsible for both redevelopment works as well as the level 1 works.

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