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Miranda Telstra Exchange

Project Description

  • While the NBN continued to expand, the requirement for more power came hand in hand with the development and implementation of new technologies. Along with this need it is imperative that these systems are backed by appropriate power gen.  We had the opportunity to be the main contractor involved with a power upgrade at a prominent Telecommunications Facility in the South of Sydney.
  • The project saw us step outside of what a standard electrical contractor would normally do. We took on the challenge, consisting of demolition of existing brick walls, design and installation of structural steel, design and construction of fire rated walls and fire rated systems creating a new fire rated room which housed the New 1000A Main Switchboard, provision of temporary back-up generator integrated into the existing installation to allow full automatic operation during the demolition of the existing power gen system, the installation of an in-room 750kVA Generator with associated fuel system, intake and discharge air systems along with full acoustic treatment within the room meeting the specified target noise levels for the residential area.
  • The new system was successfully commissioned and put online with all construction taking place in a fully operational facility where power is critical. Cutovers were timed and scheduled down to the minute and completed without fault.  Another successful project for both the team and the client.

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