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Orchard Hills Telephone Exchange

With the need for reliability of our infrastructure, continuous power for our emergency services and the ever expanding NBN Kerfoot have recently been engaged to provide the installation of an acoustic rated 110kVA Cummins generator at the Orchard Hills Telephone Exchange including the installation of an appropriately rated slab.

The increase in the power requirement to support the NBN at the exchange is minimal at only 110KVA however due to the proximity of the neighbours and the need to maintain EPA acoustic levels within residential areas this see’s the canopy design rated to 50dBA @ 1m.  Placing the small set within 3 housings and booster fans being utilised to provide sufficient air for generator cooling and combustion.

The project was tested and put into operational service on the 20th of April.  The stakeholder’s for the project being Telstra and Visionstream, who were more than happy with the installation and augmentation of the control system within the existing main switchboard.   An installation constructed in parallel with an existing 60kVA Generator which was decommissioned on completion of commissioning.

As a project to provide an upgraded emergency power system with mains monitoring and status alarms that could be monitored from Melbourne or remotely across the Telstra network it was not only a success for Kerfoot but also for Broadspectrum, the principle for the works.

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