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Parklea Substation Installation

Kerfoot along with its Level 1 partners undertook a major high voltage project to provide power to a new facility in Parklea.

The project included:

A new 1000kVA substation, upgrading an existing 1000kVA substations high voltage switch gear & low voltage switch gear also installing over 1 kilometre of high voltage reticulation through public & private roads to allow the installation of 22kV copper cabling.

The project presented several challenging factors for the team the Kerfoot to manage. Months of negotiating with Sydney water was undertaking to allow the high voltage reticulation to be installed through a Sydney water easement with an agreement reached and this section of the project completed extremely successfully.

Part of the high voltage reticulation was to be installed under an existing lake on the facility’s property, an underboard was completed to allow the conduit & cable to pass under this lake. The total distance of this underboard was over 100 meters and was completed in just one day so minimal disruptions to the facility’s operations occurred.

This project came with a very tight dead line and Kerfoot was able to manage all theses challenging factors to ensure the project was finished on time with power energised to the new facility on time.

This project was a huge success for all involved and has shown how the team at Kerfoot is able to tackle any challenge thrown at them through the duration of a project.


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