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Stryker Arndell Park Fulfillment centre

Project Description

  • Facing substantial business grown over the last years, Stryker was faced with the need to expand its warehouse space and better their fulfillment strategy.
  • The Arndell Park Fulfilment centre was envisioned to create a consolidated location for fast fulfilment of orders with the added possibility of automation of based repetitive tasks, freeing up Stryker’s team to focus on their customers, not the parts they stock.
  • Kerfoot was approached through Multibuild, with whom we have had a relationship spanning over 2 decades, to help map out the electrical and communications needs to make the new fulfilment centre a reality.
  • We then, mostly in house, designed and subsequently installed the complete electrical and communications infrastructure required to meet the needs of Stryker’s growing business.
  • The first stage was consisted in analysing the existing power availability at the selected location to determine if it was enough to accommodate the business needs, it became clear that it was not the case.
  • We then moved to Level 3 design to determine what was require to augment the LV supply into the building, while that was happening we went moved into the designing the upgrade to the existing, dated, electrical installation, resulting in the replacement of the main switchboard and many of the DBs throughout the building to ensure AS3000 compliance and future proof of the installation.
  • Throughout the design process, it was uncovered that the power in the area is not ideally reliable, what led to the further investigation and the addition of a backup generation to the project in order to safeguard the data integrity and enhance the reliability of the server to be housed in new server room.
  • From the level 3 design it was determined that the existing LV switching equipment and an external MSB feeding Stryker’s new premises and another business were in need of upgrade, we then proceeded with level 1 works to carry out the upgrades and Level 2 works to relocate and upgrade the metering to bring it up to code.
  • On the communications network side, we investigated the available cabling technologies on the marked and recommended the installation of a hybrid solution with decentralised copper and fibre networks using OM3 and Cat.6A cables to ensure maximum lifespan and optimum network speeds without any bottlenecks limiting the performance of the network.
  • To ensure compete coverage of the installation, a wireless mesh network was also introduced to enable handheld and mobile devices to be used throughout the warehouse, with no black spots in between the racking or fulfilment equipment.
  • The last piece of the puzzle was to add simplified emergency and exit lighting testing compliance throughout the warehouse, for this we selected a Dali System with Rapix centralised networked monitoring and managing of the system.

Project Accolade

  • The fulfilment centre empowers Stryker to move the focus from the parts to the people through automation and centralised control.
  • Kerfoot’s involvement in the design from conception stage provided cost savings throughout the project through minimum waste, no changes during construction and maximum lifespan of the installation.
  • Upgraded Electrical infrastructure, best in class communications networks and the convergence of technologies used in this project exemplifies the advantages of engaging an electrical contractor with in house design capabilities over a design capable only alternative to ensure the solution are affordable, practical, workable with no loss of quality, compliance or longevity and locked in cost savings from day one through integrated design and installation approach.
  • We at Kerfoot would be honoured to be recognised as winners, it reflects the commitment our team has to completion of projects exceeding client’s expectations on time, budget, quality, scope and safety.
  • Our ability to meet client’s needs on time and budget with high attention to innovation, safety, quality and the environment shows how well we adapted to the changing environment of today and over the past 47 years.

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