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ISPT Super Property


ISPT is a renowned real estate investment trust in Australia with a diverse $22.2 billion property portfolio. Since 2021, Kerfoot has been entrusted with a three-year contract, encompassing a wide range of maintenance and project works. As the selected service provider, we take great pride in showcasing the significant progress we have made in delivering exceptional services to ISPT and their extensive portfolio, which includes office, retail, industrial, education, health, and residential properties throughout Australia.

As part of our contractual obligations, Kerfoot has been responsible for completing all scheduled and preventative maintenance works for ISPT’s impressive portfolio of 13 sites in Sydney. With an estimated value of approximately $3 billion, this portfolio demands the utmost care and expertise. We are pleased to report that within the first three months of our engagement, we have already accomplished a remarkable 80% of the yearly maintenance tasks. Furthermore, we have successfully completed the Asset Validation requirements for ISPT’s large commercial CBD properties portfolio, which includes retail supermarkets comprising over 1000 assets.


Scheduled Maintenance Scope:

  1. Main Switchboard Testing: Thorough testing and inspection of the main switchboards to ensure proper functioning.
  2. Distribution Board Testing: Comprehensive testing of distribution boards to guarantee optimal operation.
  3. Thermal Imaging: Utilizing advanced thermal imaging technology to detect potential electrical issues and prevent failures.
  4. RCD Testing: Rigorous testing of residual current devices (RCDs) to ensure safety and compliance.
  5. ACB Testing: Testing and inspection of air circuit breakers (ACBs) to maintain their performance.
  6. Emergency and Exit Light Testing: Regular testing of emergency and exit lighting systems for proper functionality.
  7. PFC Maintenance: Maintenance and inspection of power factor correction (PFC) systems for improved power efficiency.
  8. Lightning Protection Maintenance: Inspection and maintenance of lightning protection systems to safeguard the properties against lightning strikes.


Reactive Maintenance Scope:

  1. Emergency Response for Power Outage: Swift and efficient response to any power outages to minimize disruptions.
  2. Lighting Maintenance: Comprehensive maintenance services for lighting systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  3. Repair/Replacement of Damaged Electrical Equipment: Prompt repair or replacement of any electrical equipment found to be damaged or faulty.


Project Work Scope:

  1. Switchboard Upgrades: Expertise in upgrading switchboards to enhance electrical infrastructure as per requirements.
  2. Tenancy Fitouts: Providing comprehensive electrical services for tenancy fitouts, ensuring efficient electrical systems for new occupants.
  3. Lobby Upgrades: Offering electrical upgrades for lobbies, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.


Client Accolades:

We are delighted to share our remarkable achievement in meeting and exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs) set by ISPT. Our dedication to delivering exceptional services has resulted in a monthly average compliance score of 100% for the contract. This reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring client satisfaction.

At Kerfoot, we remain dedicated to our partnership with ISPT and strive to continue delivering outstanding services that contribute to the success of their prestigious property portfolio. We are grateful for the trust placed in us and look forward to further strengthening our collaboration in the years to come.

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