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Kerfoot Head Office

Scope of Works:

The project involved the following works to be completed:

  • Preliminary design based around current electricity bills
  • Site inspection of the conditions onsite assisting in completing the design
  • Production of all documentation
  • Purchasing of all equipment and materials
  • Installation of all equipment and materials
  • Energisation, testing & commissioning of the system
  • Client hand over

Job Description:

Kerfoot Pty Ltd was engaged to design and install a suitable solar system to meet the client’s requirements. The system was designed around factors such as the following:

  • Entire site power usage
  • Site power usage during peak irradiance periods
  • Roof capacity
  • Future growth
  • Future battery system

With the above requirements taken into consideration, a 50kW system was designed to meet the needs of the client.
A 50.56kW PV solar system was designed for the site. This design met the entire site load requirements, taking into consideration for the future expansion of the system with a battery storage system to offset the site loads.
The roofing space was adequate to install the entire system, and the wall space provided by the client was sufficient to install the new Solar PV Distribution Board, and inverters.
No modifications were required to the site main switchboard, the only connections required were to the existing distribution board

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