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New Maitland Hospital

Project Description

The New Maitland Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that includes an expanded emergency department, over 200 overnight beds, 8 new operating theatres, 5 birthing suites, a new neonatal intensive care unit, and a rooftop helipad. With such a substantial scope, the hospital’s infrastructure required seamless functioning to provide top-notch healthcare services to the community.

Kerfoot was entrusted with a critical task to supply and install essential infrastructure for this monumental 33,000 square meter public hospital spread across 8 floors playing a pivotal role in ensuring the successful completion of the New Maitland Hospital project. Kerfoot’s pivotal roles was to supply and install mechanical electricals and associated equipment, along with full coordination of all services.

Our responsibilities included the provision of detailed commissioning records and subsequent demonstration of all services for independent witnessing. The company also supplied comprehensive Operation and Maintenance manuals in both hard and soft copies, as well as a full set of “As Built” drawings.


Specific items within the scope of this project were:

  • Electrical Control for Ventilation Systems: Kerfoot handled all electrical control aspects of the hospital’s ventilation systems, ensuring optimal air circulation and comfort for patients and staff.
  • Power and Controls for Air Conditioning and Heating Systems: The team efficiently managed the power and controls for the hospital’s air conditioning and heating systems, vital for maintaining a comfortable and controlled environment.
  • Interface Terminals for Building Control and Management System (BCMS): Kerfoot seamlessly integrated interface terminals into the hospital’s BCMS, facilitating centralized control and management of various building systems.
  • Chiller Submains and Control: The company took charge of chiller submains and control, critical components for effective cooling and energy efficiency.
  • Damper Motors and Control: Kerfoot provided supply, installation, and commissioning of damper motors and control panels, optimizing the hospital’s air distribution and quality.
  • Compliance with Fire Matrix: Ensuring utmost safety, Kerfoot diligently adhered to the client supplied Fire Matrix, guaranteeing that all fire-related aspects were appropriately addressed.
  • Local Control Panels for Independent Systems: The team installed local control panels for independent systems, enabling efficient monitoring and management of essential subsystems.
  • Installation of Customer Supplied VSD’s: Kerfoot seamlessly integrated customer-supplied Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) into the hospital’s infrastructure, enhancing energy efficiency and system performance.


Project Accolades

  • Largest In-house Mechanical Electrical Project: The New Maitland Hospital project stands as the largest mechanical electrical project completed in-house by Kerfoot, showcasing their capacity to handle substantial and complex ventures.
  • Upskilling of Team: The project provided an excellent opportunity for the team to upskill and gain expertise in managing a project of this scale and complexity, solidifying Kerfoot’s position as a reliable and versatile partner.
  • On-time Completion: Despite the challenges posed by the remote location, with a commute of over 2 hours from Sydney, Kerfoot managed to complete the project on time, demonstrating their commitment to meeting deadlines.

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