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Robertson Waste Water Treatment Plant

Scope of works:

To Design, Supply and Install a Solar PV system utilising the maximum amount of roof space available at the suite. The system must include SMA Sunny Tripower inverters and LG Neon2 330 series Mono-0crystalline Silicon PV panels. A complete mounting system and all associated cabling and electrical protection required so that the installation meets Clean Energy Council guidelines and Australian Standards.

Job Description:

The system is 37.29Kw which consists of 113 panels. 75 of those panels are mounted on a flat mounting system conforming with the pitch of the roof. The remaining 38 panels facing south will be mounted on a tilt frame facing North to maximise the power output of the system. Two 15Kw SMA three phase inverters were used to allow for system flexibility with string configuration. Monitoring for the system was done through the SMA sunny portal.

The first commercial solar design and installation for the Kerfoot Energy Team was successfully completed and handed over to the client. With customer feedback indicating the job was carried out professionally and of a high standard with no defects.

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