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Shine a light on: Wilberforce Public School Solar PV System

Two weeks was all the Kerfoot Energy Team needed to help set up this Sydney school for a sustainable future, powered by sunshine with a new 250 solar panel system.

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The Project:

We’re sure Wilberforce Public School in Sydney’s north west will relish the opportunity to teach their students about the merits of green energy with their new extensive solar PV system designed and installed by our Energy Team.

Safety is always number one for us, so this work took place completely during the school holiday period when the 350 students were safely enjoying themselves elsewhere. That meant a tight turnaround for this project of under two weeks, a timeframe the Energy Team met without any concern.

With the students’ welfare taken care of, the safety of our team members was also paramount, so a temporary anchor and harness system was installed to enable work to take place safely on the roof. With office staff continuing to work in nearby offices, the noise was kept to a minimum.

All in all, the Kerfoot Energy Team provided for our client the NSW Department of Education, the design and installation of a 75kWp solar PV system, including 250 x 300W Canadian solar panels,  3 x SMA three phase string inverters, and a mounting system by Clenergy.

With a glorious roof of state-of-the-art solar panels safely installed and soaking up the north west Sydney sun, this system will provide 104.2 MWh/year towards the school’s energy needs. As well as resulting in a significant reduction in the school’s carbon footprint, this green energy system will see a much smaller dollar figure on the school’s power bills.

We hear the Wilberforce students are excited about the new addition to their school and are learning all about clean, green, sustainable energy!

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