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State Library of New South Wales

Project Description:

The State Library of New South Wales, including the renowned Mitchell Library, is a significant institution that serves as a prominent special collections, reference, and research library in Australia. It holds a position of historical importance, being one of the oldest libraries in the country. The library’s extensive collection encompasses a wide range of valuable materials, making it a treasure trove for researchers, scholars, and the general public. With its heritage-listed status, the State Library of New South Wales remains dedicated to its mission of providing access to knowledge and promoting learning in a welcoming and accessible environment for all.

The State Library sought a capable and experienced contractor to install a new façade lighting system, replacing existing fittings, adding additional fittings, and upgrading the control system. Kerfoot, as the selected contractor, successfully completed the project, delivering a state-of-the-art LED lighting solution and integrating it with the Library’s existing RAPIX lighting control system.


Specific items within the scope of this project were:

Existing Lighting Arrangement:

The previous façade lighting, installed in 2012, consisted of Sylvania LED RGB fittings controlled by Light factory DMX software, utilizing CRMX radio transmitter/receivers. To enhance functionality and efficiency, we proposed replacing all fittings and incorporating them into the Library’s DALI lighting control system.

Scope of Works:

Kerfoot was responsible for the supply and installation of LED façade lighting, including all cabling, conduits, fittings, and controls. Additionally, we ensured the proper removal and disposal of all redundant fittings, fixtures, and conduits to maintain a clean and organized workspace.

LED Lighting Specification:

To meet the Library’s requirements, we utilized RGBW LED floodlights that met or exceeded the following specifications:

  • LED RGBW technology
  • Minimum power of 144 W or greater
  • Minimum luminous efficacy of 60 lm/Watt
  • Run life of 50,000 hours in temperatures up to 65°C
  • SDCM 2 for white LED light consistency
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80+
  • Beam angle of 45 degrees
  • IP66 rating for dust and water resistance
  • DALI 2 RGBWAF DT8 Dimmable driver for precise control

Lighting Installation:

Kerfoot executed the following tasks as part of the lighting installation process:

  • Replaced 44 LED floodlights with RGBW floodlights in the current locations specified in F1 on the attached plan.
  • Replaced 4 LED floodlights in the Portico soffit (F2 on the plan) with compatible canopy-style fittings that suit the rectangular cutouts in the soffit.
  • Ensured the reuse of existing power distribution, conduits, and termination boxes, wherever possible, to optimize efficiency.
  • Provided new PVC conduits for Dali lines as needed.


Project Accolades:

Our team takes pride in the successful completion of the State Library Mitchell Building Façade Lighting project. We achieved several accolades, including completing the project on time, exceeding customer expectations, and implementing energy-saving strategies. Here are the notable achievements:

  1. Timely Completion: We diligently managed the project timeline and delivered the completed façade lighting system within the agreed-upon schedule. Our efficient planning and execution ensured minimal disruption to the Library’s operations while meeting all project milestones.
  2. Exceeded Customer Expectations: Through close collaboration with the State Library, we not only met their requirements but also exceeded their expectations. By integrating the new façade lighting seamlessly into the existing RAPIX lighting control system, we enhanced the Library’s lighting capabilities and user experience.
  3. Energy-Saving Strategies: In line with the Library’s sustainability goals, we implemented energy-saving measures to reduce power consumption without compromising lighting quality. By scheduling outdoor lighting operations and implementing a reduced lighting mode during late-night hours, we significantly contributed to the Library’s energy efficiency efforts.
  4. Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality: The new LED façade lighting system transformed the State Library Mitchell Building, enhancing its architectural beauty and visibility. The RGBW LED floodlights provided vibrant and dynamic lighting effects, creating an engaging and visually appealing environment.
  5. Compliance and Quality: We strictly adhered to all relevant regulations, standards, and site rules, ensuring the project’s compliance and safety. Our commitment to quality workmanship, proper documentation, and comprehensive testing resulted in a reliable and efficient lighting system.


The successful completion of the State Library Mitchell Building Façade Lighting project showcases our expertise in delivering complex lighting installations while meeting the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to have contributed to the State Library’s vision of creating an iconic and sustainable lighting solution for their esteemed institution.

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