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Wagga Wagga Hospital

Project Description

As the largest regional city in the state, Wagga Wagga boasts a vibrant community, breathtaking natural landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage. The recently completed $431 million redevelopment of the Wagga Wagga Health Service has significantly enhanced the city’s healthcare facilities, ensuring the well-being of its over 60,000 residents.

Kerfoot was entrusted by Fredon to provide electrical mechanical works for the air-conditioning plant in the new hospital. Our team was involved in a wide range of tasks, delivering top-quality services and contributing to the successful completion of this monumental project.


Specific items within the scope of this project were:

  • Supply and Installation of all cables, cable tray, conduits for wiring fed from MSSB’s
  • Supply and Installation of Essential power from MSSBs to on floor damper control panels.
  • Design, supply and installation of Damper Control panels
  • Installation and wiring of client supplied VSD’s
  • Installation and Wiring of client supplied speed pots.
  • Wiring of lights in AHUs
  • Wiring and installation of all client installed dampers, (smoke, motorised fire control).
  • Supply and Installation of Controls associated with interposing relays for HVAC controls.
  • Testing and Commissioning in line with the Client Supplied Fire Matrix.
  • Supply and Installation of Labelling for all mechanical equipment.
  • Onsite coordination with other trades.
  • Provision of As built drawings.


Project Accolades

This project was not without its challenges. It marked Kerfoot’s most remote project at the time, showcasing our ability to deliver exceptional results regardless of the location. We are proud to highlight that the project was successfully completed defect-free, adhering to the client’s timeline and meeting their expectations.

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