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What is RAPIX ?

RAPIX is the total commissioning software and hardware suite solution for DALI Lighting Control and DALI Emergency. Designed in Australia and DALI compliant, you can now reduce design and install times with the future of commercial lighting control.

RAPIX Lighting Control System

RAPIX Lighting Control System is the complete solution for lighting control. It is based on Ethernet and DALI, which is the International Standard for lighting control.

It communicates directly with both Ethernet and DALI physical layers without the need for a middle layer system, which substantially simplifies the system architecture. This means it forms a more streamlined system design, easier installation and faster commissioning.

It also leads to less maintenance cost and issues due to the lack of hardware needed. Legacy lighting control systems need gateways (additional hardware and software) in order to communicate to Ethernet and DALI physical layers.

Xi Extended Intelligence for DALI

The Xi-extended intelligence is an extensive set of commands developed for DALI. It enables RAPIX to be the most intelligent lighting control network in the market. The platform employs intuitive software and hardware features that enhances the concept of intelligent digital lighting for your premises.

Scalable Architecture

RAPIX Lighting Control System is a scalable solution that allows you to easily adapt the system to fit all lighting control applications, from single-level tenancies to large facilities.

Secure & Reliable Communications

RAPIX Lighting Control System places your control systems and data as the up most priority. It uses 128-bit standard encryption, script replay guards and authenticated communications. With these features, the system can securely be installed on your building’s Integrated Communications Networks. This decreases redundant cabling and labour costs that come with running separate lighting control networks.

The system also employs a dependable multicast-based Ethernet communication protocol instead of UDP, which means information delivery over Ethernet is more reliable with RAPIX.

Third Party Integration

The system can easily be integrated with third-party systems. It allows implementation of TCP/IP-based protocol which facilitates seamless embedded or PC-based integrations.

RAPIX Lighting Control System Features

  • Easier to design sophisticated lighting control systems due to compact product range
  • Simpler to install due to generous mechanical design
  • Faster to commission with intuitive software, templates and local support
  • Xi Extended Intelligence extended commands for DALI
  • Scalable architecture to suit all lighting control applications
  • Secure communications with 128-bit standard encryption, script replay guards and authenticated communications. This allows installation on Integrated Communications Networks to help reduce cabling and labour costs
  • Reliable communications using multicast-based Ethernet communication protocol
  • Seamless third-party integration based on TCP/IP protocol for embedded or PC-based integrations

RAPIX Emergency

RAPIX Emergency is an intelligent, fully automated emergency lighting monitoring and report software system. The solution is compliant with emergency and evacuation lighting standards. RAPIX Emergency is suitable for all project sizes from smaller residential fit-outs to large commercial installations.

RAPIX Emergency Features

  • Connect, auto-scan & auto-addresses DALI devices
  • ID all Emergency DALI devices & groups
  • Auto creation of Emergency test groups
  • Set discharge & function test schedules
  • Automated reports & auto-emails reports
  • Groups fixtures
  • Password protected
  • Scalable solution
  • Complies with AS2293 standards

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