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What is test & tag?

Test & tag is the process of inspecting and testing electrical equipment for safety in accordance with the testing frequencies outlined in the AS/NZS3760 Standard. At Kerfoot, we have over 40 years of experience in electrical service and maintenance. Our team of electrical experts provide electrical testing and tagging services to businesses who are committed to electrical maintenance and hazard prevention. Test & and tag your appliances and energy supply units to ensure your business is protected from preventable harm.

Importance of Testing & Tagging Services

Safety should be a priority for businesses everywhere – protecting your workers is paramount and ensuring their safety will help your business remain legally compliant with safety regulations. Testing your electrical equipment can help alleviate safety concerns and help business owners restore their peace of mind. Inspecting and testing your electrical equipment is crucial in order to ensure the safety of your employees as well as any visitors to your workplace. Maintain the health of electrical equipment in the workplace and ensure that potential harm during usage is managed.

Types of Appliances

Any electrical equipment that is connected to the electrical supply by a flexible cord and/or connecting device needs to be tested and tagged. This may include the following items:

  • Equipment that is being used for the first time
  • Equipment that is already in use
  • Equipment that has recently been repaired or serviced
  • Second hand equipment
  • Equipment that is available for hire

Test & Tag Requirements

You need to make sure your appliances are inspected and tested according to the relevant safety standard. At Kerfoot, we test equipment at intervals dictated by the AS/NZS 3012 standard for electrical installations (construction and demolition sites) and the AS/NZS 3760 standard for the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

Test & tag frequency varies according to the type of environment and/or equipment.

  • Demolition and construction environments (as per AS/NZS 3012):every 3 months
  • Factories, workshops, places of manufacture, assembly, maintenance or fabrication:every 6 months
  • Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use OR is open to abuse OR is in a hostile environment:every 12 months
  • Environment where the equipment or supply cord is NOT subject to flexing in normal use and is NOT open to abuse and is NOT in a hostile environment:every 5 years
  • Residential type areas: hotels, residential institutions, motels, boarding houses, halls, hostels accommodation houses etc.:every 2 years
  • Equipment used for commercial cleaning:every 6 months
  • Hire equipment: Inspection:prior to hire
  • Hire equipment: Test and tag:every 3 months
  • Repaired, serviced and second-hand equipment:After repair or service or on reintroduction to service

We offer notification of scheduled maintenance to help you keep track of your compliance requirements. Our electrical test and tagging services are a part of our programmed preventative maintenance (PPM) offering. We believe that a proactive approach to maintaining your equipment will help prevent damage and minimise risk.

We offer testing and inspection of equipment, RCD safety switches, emergency and exit lighting, and thermal imaging services. Ask us about our PPM options and we can devise a unique maintenance strategy for your business.

Why Choose Kerfoot for testing & tagging equipment?

We are an award-winning electrical company that has been around for more than 40 years. We only use certified equipment for testing and tagging, and always conduct our tests thoroughly and carefully. We are interested in developing ongoing relationships with our clients – maintaining safety compliance is easier when you have access to one team that manages all of your appliances.

Our electricians keep up with the latest industry developments to ensure you meet the set safety Standards. We provide a reminder service for different appliances and environments so that your business will always be in compliance with the test & tag regulations outlined in the relevant industry safety standard.

When you choose Kerfoot, you are choosing a team that can offer the following range of key benefits:

  • Our electricians are fully qualified and experienced
  • We have a 24-hour emergency breakdown service
  • We provide technical support and progress updates
  • You can take advantage of our notification of scheduled maintenance options
  • We have an excellent customer service team and we provide ongoing support

Test & Tag Standard

Electrical test and inspection regulations are drawn in the AS/NZS 3760 Standard. It is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard created by Standards Australia that outlines the in-service safety inspection, testing method and frequency of electrical appliances. For more information about your electrical testing obligations, get in touch with our knowledgeable team. Want to know more about electrical tagging requirements in your workplace? Take a look at our blog.

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