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News : April 2018

Nepean Sub Replacement

The Nepean Sub replacement project consisted of the replacement and upgrade of one of the pad mount substation supplies feeding Nepean Private Hospital. Sub No 1 was replace with a larger unit and the existing Main Switch Board brought up to code with the installation of a Service Protection Device SPD. The HV earthing system needed to be augmented to allow for the upgrade to proceed. This posed a few issues due to the fact the existing conduits that were shown to be continuous on the supply authority drawings were blocked. This blockage was located at the entrance to the Hospital. With close consultation the repair works were completed with no adverse impact on the Hospital patrons, visitors or staff.

We worked closely with the hospital to identify a date and time that would pose the least impact for the operating Hospital for the shutdown and changeover works. The date finally selected was blanked out by the Hospital for any scheduled surgeries however we still needed to keep the operating theatres available for use within one hours notice. The other issue we had to deal with was the theatres to be operational needed a normal supply and back up supply. We managed to provide this by bringing to site a trailer based portable generator large enough to run the section of the Hospital we had isolated.

We needed to put the hospital on to their House generator supply then isolate the mains and connect the portable generator supply and switch the load onto the portable generator and utilize the House Generator as the back up supply.

Substantial planning and co-ordination with the Supply Authority, Nepean Private Hospital and our subcontractors saw the shutdown work completed on schedule and with no impact on the Hospital. It’s a credit to our team to pull of another major upgrade successfully, on time and on Budget.

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