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Switchboard Testing & Replacement

Switchboard Testing & Replacement

What is a switchboard?

A switchboard is a device that divides and distributes electrical current supplied from one or more sources to smaller regions of usage. It consists of one or more assembled panels that contain switches which allow redirection of electricity. It typically includes switches, overcurrent and other protective devices, buses, and instruments. With regular switchboard testing, you can ensure the longevity, functionality, and safety of your device. Through careful assessment and scheduled inspection, you can avoid unnecessary risk and disruption to your business. If you believe you have a damaged or faulty device, contact us today for repairs and switchboard replacement.

Why are they important?

Switchboards allow the electrical current supplied to them to be divided into smaller degrees. This is meant for further distribution and to provide switching, current protection and metering. By and large, the device allows power distribution to panel boards, transformers, control equipment, and individual system loads.

Commercial and industrial switchboards are designed to handle more power than standard residential devices. This means that you need to hire testing technicians that have a track record with businesses. Our Kerfoot services are designed especially for businesses –  ask our experienced team to complete all of your switchboard testing requirements.

If faulty, your device can pose a serious risk of electrocution and fire to you and your employees. Help to avoid this from happening by testing, replacing, and upgrading it. Let us assess the functionality of your device and minimise risk in your building. A faulty unit can reduce productivity – ensure your building is at its most effective today.

How do I tell if my switchboard is unsafe?

If the power disconnects when you switch on electrical appliances or equipment, the lights in your premises flicker, or your fuse box is still using ceramic fuses, we strongly recommend you book an inspection. These are just some of the tell-tale signs that your board is not up to the desired standard. Of course, you cannot rely on these symptoms to appear before a problem occurs. Regular inspection and maintenance is the only way to detect a problem with your device and catch a problem before an accident occurs. With a functional switchboard replacement, you will have an integral line of defence against electrical injury. Compliance and sufficient protection of employees need to be a priority in every business.

You should contact a professional for an inspection. One of our Kerfoot technicians can visit your premises at a convenient time to assess and recommend the appropriate action.

What services does Kerfoot offer?

Kerfoot provides commercial and industrial switchboard testing, repair and replacement services, as well as upgrades. We can design power requirements, supply, build and install them. Our technicians can complete thermographic scanning of your switchboard, or assess any other equipment you may have concerns about. We can inspect circuit breakers and supply replacement parts for faulty units.

Are you looking for our other electrical services? Browse through our website for the comprehensive range of Kerfoot electrical services. We work for clients across Sydney on installation projects, repairs, and general maintenance. Upgrade your environment today with our talented electrical team. With Kerfoot, your business is in safe hands.

Switchboard Testing

As it is one of the biggest protectors against electrocution, your switchboard needs to be regularly tested to ensure it is in good working order. We can inspect, assess and advise the suitable action if it is in a less-than-desirable state. Our technicians are highly trained and dedicated. Kerfoot team members work to the latest Australian standards for testing and inspection – this means that your business can remain both safe and compliant.

Switchboard Replacement & Upgrades

Kerfoot provides installation services including switchboard replacement and upgrades. We fit them with updated panel materials, RCD safety switches, circuit breakers and surge protectors. Kerfoot provides an electrical safety certificate for each work.

Most older boards struggle to handle multiple electrical equipment and appliances that come with modern businesses. This can lead to power outages and unreliable electrical supply.

Therefore, it is best you contact a Kerfoot technician to assess the capacity of your board and determine if a repair or an upgrade is needed based on your electrical needs. This will ensure that it can perform reliably for safe and adequate power delivery. It will also decrease the risks of overloading and electrical fires.

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