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Exit Light Testing

Exit Light Testing

Is your business in need of emergency exit light testing?

Our exit light testing services are conducted by dedicated Kerfoot electricians. Our staff know your legal safety obligations, and work to the Australian standard for emergency monitoring systems. You can have emergency lights installed, replaced, and maintained with the comprehensive Kerfoot service team.

Exit Light Testing Standard Requirements

In the interest of public safety, exit lighting systems are governed by the law. In Australia, a set of standards exist to insure the safe installation and maintenance of emergency lighting systems. According to the current standard ASNZ 2293, all emergency lights must undergo a 90-minute discharge test of the battery every 6 months. You should make sure your business invests in exit light testing – not only to avoid a legal penalty, but also to ensure the safety of the occupants in your building. Compliance can be difficult if your technician isn’t fully aware of your business’ legal obligations. Employ a Kerfoot electrician to be sure that your property is tested and maintained with diligence.

Experienced Electricians

Why should you choose Kerfoot to conduct your emergency light testing? We have been in the business for over 40 years now, and pride ourselves on our exceptional service and electrical expertise. You can trust that our electricians will conduct thorough electrical maintenance on your property, as well as access ongoing electrical support. Our customer service team can notify you when your business requires re-testing –  this way you remain compliant, and your building remains safe.

Emergency Monitoring Systems

At Kerfoot, we offer emergency monitoring software that provide business owners and facility managers control over emergency lighting monitoring and maintenance. This automated system is cost effective and isn’t susceptible to human error. If you would like to have your exit light testing automated, you can invest in a monitoring system that provides the following:

  • Fully automated report software systems
  • Automated reports and emails
  • Setting of emergency test groups
  • Functional testing of emergency lighting conducted at 30 day intervals
  • Annual functional testing of exit lights
  • Test for compliance with emergency and evacuation lighting standards

Easy Electrical Testing

We have an advanced Enterprise Management System (EMS) that delivers real time information to both office and field staff through a range of mobile communications systems. This allows us to efficiently manage customer interactions and service queries to ensure all commitments are handled promptly. Reports and notification of scheduled maintenance are easily accessible with our Kerfoot customer service team. Ongoing support and a range of services make our clients return time and time again.

emergency light testing

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