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News : January 2017

How a Variable Speed Drive Can Save Your Business Energy

Variable Speed Drive VSD

An energy efficient business cares not only about sustainability but also about saving money. Your company can save energy by installing a variable speed drive (VSD). If you are passionate about reducing costs in your business, take a look at our information about speed drives and what you can do to save energy at work.

What is a Variable Speed Drive?

A VSD is a device that can be used to control the speed and rotational force of an electric motor. The drive helps the user adjust speed with an external controller that is used to command machinery and systems with powerful electric motors.  The drive saves energy by controlling fan speed and temperature according to the temperature of the equipment.

With your new drive, your business can reduce power-line disturbances and monitor electrical currents and circuits. You can choose a device to suit your business, with different models configurable by load, voltage supply, and kilowatts. The noise level of your system/machinery will be reduced and the need for replacement and maintenance will be reduced.

The drive monitors the following parts of each system/machine:

  • Conveyors, mixers, and pumps
  • machine tools
  • fans and blowers

Air conditioning systems are a common area that can be optimised with a VSD. They account for a large amount of the energy consumed in commercial buildings. Reduce the energy consumption in your building most effectively by installing a VSD to regulate the fans, pumps, and chillers in your air conditioning system. In an industrial environment, you may ask an electrician to install a drive in your assembly line machinery or in any equipment that is powered by a motor.

Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

After Kerfoot has completed your VSD installation, you can optimise the rest of your business for energy efficiency. We have included some of our best business energy saving tips so that you can make the most of your VSD in tandem with the following ideas.

Update your equipment/appliances/electrical systems

Older electrical systems and appliances can be slow and consume a lot of energy. Older appliances could have been manufactured in a time where saving energy wasn’t a priority. Make sure your computers, microwaves, dishwashers, fridges, printers etc. have a 5-star energy rating to increase your energy efficiency. If your business is in the industrial sector, you should contact us for more information about which energy efficient systems may be available for your operations.

Your speed drive will work even more effectively once you have replaced any old heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems with more efficient models. Ask one of our team members to handle the installation of your new systems to ensure a seamless integration process. You can integrate a variable speed drive into your new electrical systems to increase response times and save power.

Choose an efficient lighting system

There is a range of different energy saving lighting options available for all businesses. Smaller companies may choose to install energy efficient bulbs, whilst larger buildings may require a new lighting control system.  Having more control over your lighting system will allow you to choose lighting settings that minimise energy consumption and still provide enough light for normal business operations.


If your business deals largely with products that need refrigeration, you need to dedicate some time to caring for your equipment. By installing a VSD you can control the temperature of your system with ease and minimise power consumption. Check that your system is set to a temperature that isn’t any lower than it needs to be. Your drive will do the hard work and control the screw compressors, condensers, and the chilled water and glycol pumps that keep your refrigeration running efficiently.

At Kerfoot we are members of Green Building Council Australia and our electrical team are EcoSmart accredited. We are signatories to the FlouroCycle scheme where we aim to increase the recycling of lights and lamps to prevent mercury in landfill. We seek out projects where we can make an environmental difference and decrease running costs for our clients. If this article inspired you to invest in a variable speed drive, or another sustainable project, get in touch with us today.

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