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VSD Installation to All HVAC Equipment

Variable Speed Drive (VSD Installation)

What is VSD Installation?

A variable speed drive (VSD Installation), sometimes known as variable frequency drive (VFD), is an industrial device that controls the speed of large mechanical equipment using an external controller. They are utilised in process control for improving efficiency and saving energy in plants that use powerful electric motors.

Why are VSDs important?

VSD applications can contribute to both productivity increase and energy savings in compressors, pumps, fans, and other equipment.

It can help reduce maintenance costs by reducing the wear and tear of equipment parts, making them last longer. It also allows you to monitor performance more closely and regulate your production to a finer degree.

By installing a VSD, you can control starting current, reduce power-line disturbances, reduce power demand, control acceleration, and adjust operating speed. It can control torque and stops which reduces mechanical wear and tear, as well as eliminate the reversing starter and mechanical components such as gearboxes. You will also save energy in applications mostly run at partial speed and load.

What can I install VSDs in?

In powerful electric motors or mechanical equipment typically used in large commercial systems or in plants such as compressors, pumps and fans.

How is it installed?

It has to be installed as close as possible to the motor it drives. The supply system rating must be more than five times the rating of the VSD, and preferably 10 times that rating.

If it is intended for use in a micro-shock location, such as a medical centre, only one specifically-designed VSD should be installed. If it is for use in a hazardous area, both the VSD and the motor must be certified for application in such environments.

If you are installing it in a coal mine or for use in a coal mine, the drive, the motor, all cabling and the installation instructions should be certified for use in a coal mine.

Be sure to hire a professional that can provide a certified design or design Declaration of Compliance (DoC) during installation.

What VSD installation services does Kerfoot offer?

Kerfoot provides installation services for large air conditioning systems in commercial buildings and productions lines in factory environments.

We’ve designed our installation procedures to deliver short-term and long-term efficiency. We can provide a certified design or design Declaration of Compliance (DoC) during installation.